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March 19, 2009
Guitarist Elio DeLuca (left) and trumpet player/vocalist Brian Rutledge of Hallelujah The Hills, performing at last year's SXSW.
Photo by Kirsten Detec

Can't make it to Austin for this year's South by Southwest Music Conference? Well, we can't exactly bring it to you, but we can give you a way of following a group of Berklee students, alumni, and staff who are on the scene.

Just arrived in Austin, and I already feel like I'm behind; there's so much going on here already! I'm Magen, Berklee staff, here to help out with our fabulous showcase on Friday, check out the music industry panels, and, of course, hear some bands. –March 18 post from the Berklee On Tour Blog

Several members of the Berklee community are in Texas for the legendary festival—some are performing, some are scouting for musical talent, some are networking, and everyone is hearing a lot of new music. And all of our intrepid colleagues are writing, blogging, and tweeting as they go.

Keep up with what they're seeing and hearing at our new Berklee on Tour blog. And keep an eye on our SXSW Twitter feed; you'll learn more there. There are literally dozens of bands performing that feature alumni or students, and several will perform at a showcase on March 20. Whether you're in Boston, Austin, or elsewhere, check out the blog and weigh in with your own thoughts.

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