Heavy Rotation Records House Party at the House of Blues

Margot Edwards
February 11, 2009
Photo provided by the artist
Photo provided by the artist
Photo provided by the artist

Berklee College of Music's student-run label, Heavy Rotation Records (HRR), is proud to present the first concert at the brand-new House of Blues Boston on Tuesday, February 17. The Heavy Rotation Records House Party at the House of Blues is FREE and all-ages.

The bash celebrates the opening of the new club at the site of the former Axis and Avalon nightclubs, and will feature artists that have appeared on HRR releases past and present.

Performers include Boston Music Award-winners and Berklee alumni Kid:Nap:Kin, who appeared on HRR's Dorm Sessions Volume 4Re-Up, an eight-piece student and alumni hip-hop band featured on the label's new compilation CD, Dorm Sessions 6; and Sex!, a student and alumni band mixing rock, blues, r&b, and soul, which is also included on HRR's new release.   

Recognizing a great opportunity, HRR faculty advisor Jeff Dorenfeld worked with Live Nation to make the event happen.

Said Dorenfeld, "It's a natural fit since we're right around the corner from the House of Blues, and Live Nation has always recognized talent coming out of Berklee. HRR concerts sell out the Berklee Performance Center every year, so they thought we'd bring a good crowd over to test the room and open up the club before the national acts come in. This will be a party environment for sure. Come in, have a good time, and check out the new venue in town."

Doors open at 7:00 p.m.  House of Blues is located at 15 Lansdowne St. in Boston. Free tickets are available to the Berklee community in advance on campus at the Music Business/Management Office, 22 The Fenway, Room F-4.