PODCAST: The Stray Birds

Adam Olenn
May 31, 2012
The Stray Birds
Left to right: Charles Muench, Maya de Vitry '11, Oliver Craven

It was a snowy evening in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when 2011 alumna Maya de Vitry first played with guitarist Oliver Craven.

De Vitry, an award-winning songwriter, had just returned from several months of itinerant fiddling in Europe. Craven had recently wrapped up a tour with Grammy-nominated artist Adrienne Young.

Together, they found the sensitive bass playing of Charles Muench was the perfect anchor for their voices. The trio has just released their first record, Borderland, and is touring constantly through spring of 2013.  At noon on June 7, 2012, they will perform in Cambridge's Kendall Square as part of the Berklee Summer Concert Series.


to The Stray Birds's "Birds of the Borderland"