PODCAST: Apoena Frota

Rob Hochschild
April 30, 2012
From left, graduating seniors Andre Vasconcelos and Pete Jacobs

Berklee's Music Production and Engineering Department annually releases a CD of the finest work recorded by students in the year gone by. Two about-to-graduate students played key roles in "Tonight I'm Gonna Change the World," a song written and sung by Apoena Frota, a second-year student from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The two seniors are Pete Jacobs, an MP&E major who produced the track, and guitarist Andre Vasconcelos.

While this podcast features Frota as a solo artist, he, Jacobs, and Vasconcelos are three of the members of Dirty Blind, a band that's been grabbing a lot of attention as it prepares to open for Jefferson Starship on an East Coast tour this summer.

Apoena Frota
"Tonight I'm Gonna Change the World"