Berklee Today: California Dream Studios

Mark Small
February 29, 2012
Richard Gibbs built the Woodshed first and foremost as a creative environment.
Brian Riordan '94

When Richard Gibbs '77 built his residential studio in Malibu, California, he was pursuing much more than a pleasing sonic ambience.

After clocking thousands of hours in recording studios as an in-demand film composer and session musician, Richard Gibbs '77 had a vision for his own studio. "I'd been in so many studios around the world that I had a pretty strong opinion about how my dream studio would operate," he says. "I wanted everything that makes it look like a studio hidden. This place can pass for a beautiful living room but has full functionality as a studio."

Meanwhile, Brian Riordan '94 founded Levels Audio, one of Hollywood's busiest post-production audio studios.

After graduating from Berklee, Brian Riordan arrived in Los Angeles hopeful that his songwriting and composing skills would gain him a toehold in the music business. But it turned out that his tech skills opened the door to his career.

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