PODCAST: Kishi Bashi '99

Adam Olenn
February 27, 2012
Kishi Bashi '99
Kishi Bashi's "151a"

1999 film scoring alumnus Kishi Bashi has toured with Sondre Lerche, Alexi Murdoch, and of Montreal, not to mention the splash he made with his previous band, Jupiter One.  

A versatile musician, he has found success in many roles: violinist, composer, producer, and now as multi-lingual singer-songwriter Kishi Bashi.

In addition to blending English and Japanese lyrics, Kishi Bashi writes primarily on the violin, and performs all the instruments on his record 151a.  A composer with a lush and cinematic sensibility, Kishi Bashi pushes the envelope beyond typical coffeehouse arrangements.


to Kishi Bashi's "Manchester"