VIDEO: Hiromi Rocks New Year's Eve for NPR

Rob Hayes
January 18, 2009
To celebrate five years of collaborating on the Boston piece of NPR's New Year's Eve broadcast, Berklee assistant VP for public information Rob Hayes presents an award to the WGBH radio production team. Front row, from left: Hayes, Edgar Herwick, Steve Charbonneau, Cameron Kirkpatrick. Back row: Gary Mott, Jon Solins, Antonio Oliart.
Photo by Billy Herron

On New Year's Eve, Hiromi Uehara '03 brought her crack band, Hiromi's Sonicbloom, back to the place where they all first met—Berklee—and broke new sonic ground for hundreds of thousands of new friends. A First Night Boston crowd and a worldwide radio audience courtesy of National Public Radio got a rousing taste of the band's inventive, virtuosic horsepower.

In 29 years of Toast of the Nation, NPR's New Year's Eve coast-to-coast, live jazz concert broadcast extravaganza, no band has rocked harder or brought the new year in with more energy. The concert is archived at NPR Music, where you can also see photos of the band in action that night in the Berklee Performance Center.