Ernie Boch Jr. Challenge a Success

Berklee Office of Communications
May 30, 2008
Berklee trustee Ernie Boch Jr.
Photo by Phil Farnsworth

For the second year in a row, Berklee alumni have come forward to meet the challenge set by Berklee alumnus and trustee Ernie Boch Jr., CEO of Boch Automotive Enterprises.

Last year, in order to increase alumni participation, Boch posed a challenge. The target was not only met but exceeded: over 1,600 alumni contributed to the Berklee Fund. Because of the success, Boch put forward the challenge again. This time, 2,000 alumni would need to contribute in order for the college to receive a $75,000 gift from Boch.

The college is incredibly pleased to report 2,050 Berklee alumni have offered their support and the college was rewarded with Boch's donation.

Thanks in large part to the Ernie Boch Jr. Challenge, the number of alumni donors to the college has nearly tripled in two years, reaching the highest level of participation ever. Alumni have given over $110,000 during the 2008 fiscal year to the Berklee Fund—the most in the college's history.

The dramatic increase in fundraising dollars to the Berklee Fund ensures that Berklee remains the world's leading institute of contemporary music. Gifts to the Berklee Fund provide scholarships for students with talent and need, support faculty and curriculum development, supply cutting-edge technology and improve facilities, and enhance the student experience.

Alumni participation demonstrates strong support for Berklee's mission. All gifts to the Berklee Fund make a difference for the students. Thank you to all alumni, parents, and friends who made charitable contributions to Berklee this year. Learn more about giving to Berklee