PODCAST: Gina Cimmelli '08

Adam Olenn
July 1, 2011
Gina Cimmelli '08
Photo provided by the artist

Born and raised in New York, singer-songwriter Gina Cimmelli said her "whole life changed" when she came to Berklee.

One thing is for certain—without coming to Berklee, she wouldn't have met the members of her band Gina's Picture Show: drummer Matt Weber '11, bassist Jeni Magana '08, and guitarist and clarinettist Mat Coser '08.

Together, they are performing throughout the New England and New York area, and they recently released a five-song EP titled Don't Be Mad.

Cimmelli, her band, and their catchy single "Don't Be Mad" have been nominated for a whole host of honors, including the Independent Music Awards, the Searchlight songwriting contest, and the Roots music report.

to Gina Cimmelli's "Don't Be Mad"