The Class of 2011

Berklee Office of Communications
May 4, 2011
Katherine Hernandez<br> (music business major and vocalist from Queens, New York)<br><br> "Jetro Da Silva has been my most influential professor, because he has taught me to stay true and honest with myself. As people, we need to embrace where we come from, our accents, and even what we look like. We need to love ourselves. As artists, this will be what defines our characters."
Concetta Donto<br> (jazz composition major and pianist from Italy)<br><br> "Berklee is a perfect place to stay connected with a lot of people with different cultures but with the same passion and feeling. I played with people who came from different parts of the world, and I was so happy to know that we spoke the same language: music."
Hinako Sato<br> (music business major and pianist from Tsuruoka, Japan)<br><br> "Professor Henry Tate and all of his art classes turned me into a passionate museum-goer and a volunteer at the Gardner museum!"
Robin Concoy<br> (composition major and guitarist from Vernon, New Jersey)<br><br> "The soundtrack to my Berklee experience would be My Chemical Romance, Jason Mraz, and Augustana."
Robert Gillies<br> (songwriting major and guitarist from Stirling, Scotland)<br><br> "I would loved to have pursued more drum/percussion classes. I took the Afro-Cuban percussion lab and it transformed my musicianship."
Lynette Johnson<br> (music business/management and contemporary writing and production dual major and bassoonist from Columbia, South Carolina)<br><br> "After graduation I plan to move to Los Angeles and start working full time. Berklee's Los Angles Internship program gave me a great foundation to start my transition out west. Next fall I plan to attend graduate school and get a master's in business administration."
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With commencement just days away, we take a look at the graduating class. Boasting more dual majors than ever before, a larger age range, and more students from the Houston area, it's distinctly its own.

Read on for some facts about the class, and click on the photo to the left to see what some seniors remember most about their time at Berklee.

Class of 2011 Stats

How many graduates? 908

How many female graduates? 286 (31%)

How many male graduates? 612 (69%)

What's the percentage of graduates from outside of the United States? 34%

How many countries are represented? 58 (including Taiwan and Scotland)

Which countries beyond the U.S. have the most graduates?

  • South Korea (56)
  • Japan (33)

How many U.S. states are represented? 43 (including the District of Columbia)

What U.S. states have the most graduates?

  • Massachusetts (76)
  • California (72)
  • New York (58)

States with only one graduate each: Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont

What U.S. cities have the most graduates?

  • Boston (11)
  • New York (9)
  • Houston (8)

How many graduates are from the diploma program? 103

How many graduates are from the degree program? 805

How many graduates are dual majors? 114

How many graduates are single majors? 794

What are the most popular majors?

How old are the oldest and youngest graduates?

  • Oldest: 60 (born 1951)
  • Youngest: 20 (born 1990)

What are the most common years of birth?

  • 1989 (265)
  • 1988 (186)
  • 1987 (106)

What are the most popular instruments?

  • Guitar (226)
  • Voice (192)
  • Piano (130)

What are the most common first names?

  • Men: Michael (14), Andrew (12), Eric (12)
  • Women: Alexandra (5), Emily (4), Elizabeth (4), Jennifer (4), Sarah (4)

Statistics were provided by Sarah Landry, graduation and curriculum coordinator.