Music Business Journal: Network Neutrality

Evan Kramer
September 22, 2010
Will net neutrality put music back in the hands of corporate oligarchs?

The advent and progress of internet technology is one of the greatest things to happen to music since the invention of the phonograph. It is forcing the music business to reevaluate its function and completely change its approach to promoting music and making money. No longer does an up-and-coming act need to put all its eggs in the "record deal" basket and pray for promotion dollars to build a career. Nor does the average consumer have to sit and listen to Top 40 radio to be told what's "hot." The internet has leveled the playing field, and, best of all, it's giving more and more attention to new and innovative forms of music. This brings hope to us all that the "Dark Ages" of popular music might finally be coming to an end.

However, while the internet has definitely shaken things up for the industry, dark clouds loom over our new abundant and vibrant musical world. Network neutrality is an issue that could seriously limit our shared exposure and could very well send the music industry back into a state of corporate oligarchy.

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