PODCAST: Emily Elbert

Berklee Office of Communications
July 1, 2010
Emily Elbert
Photo by Phil Farnsworth

Raised in Texas on a musical diet of Antonio Carlos Jobim, James Taylor, and '60s radio, 21-year-old Emily Elbert first picked up the guitar when she was 15. She has moved to Boston to study at Berklee but continues to gig nationally, including tours with G. Love and Special Sauce and Kaki King. Music lovers have watched her YouTube videos in droves, including nearly 250,000 views of her version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Named the Best New Artist of 2008 by WUMB-FM, Elbert is recording her second album this summer and is performing twice during Berklee's Summer Concert Series. "Do Without" features Elbert at her best, with strong melodies, straight-to-the-heart vocals, and intricate guitar work.

to Emily Elbert's "Do Without"

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