PODCAST: Gary Burton

Berklee Office of Communications
April 6, 2010
Gary Burton
Photo by Phil Farnsworth

Vibraphonist Gary Burton's influence on music and music education has been monumental. He came to Berklee as a teen in 1960 and went on tour with saxophonist Stan Getz when he was barely into his 20s. Brandishing a pioneering vibraphone technique and approach to improvising, Burton's recordings as a leader and sideman earned him accolades and Grammy Awards. Even after joining the Berklee faculty in 1971—and later serving as a senior-ranking administrator for two decades—Burton continued his trailblazing music career. Burton and Berklee celebrate their 50-year connection in April 2010 with a concert featuring the vibist and many of his former bandmates. "Sea Journey" is a track from his recent Quartet Live disc, also featuring Pat Metheny, Steve Swallow, and Antonio Sanchez.

to Gary Burton's "Sea Journey."

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