PODCAST: Tais Alvarenga

Berklee Office of Communications
March 24, 2010
Tais Alvarenga sings at the Heavy Rotations Records CD Release.
Photo by Kelly Davidson

Nearly 25 percent of all Berklee students hail from countries outside the United States. The musical melting pot leads to fusions of countless contemporary styles, and there's one Berklee concert every year where those global influences are front and center—the International Folk Music Festival. The 2010 festival features student and faculty artists from 11 countries. One of them is student vocalist and composer Tais Alvarenga, who will perform music from her home country of Brazil. On March 25 Alvarenga will lead a group in a medley of compositions by three Brazilian composers, but this podcast features one of Alvarenga's original compositions, "Trafego."

to Tais Alvarenga's "Trafego."

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