Helping Haiti: A Message from President Roger H. Brown

Roger H. Brown
January 15, 2010

Dear Members of the Berklee Community,

We are deeply saddened by the devastating earthquake and the tragic loss of life that has stricken Haiti. We are contacting the Berklee students who are from Haiti to see if we can be of direct assistance. We know the tragedy has touched at least one of our students, whose mother is missing; he is currently there trying to find her. If you learn of others affected, please let the Office of Student Affairs know so we can offer those students support and help.

Berklee has donated on behalf of the whole college to the relief efforts.

Many of you know that we collaborated with Mercy Corps during the Darfur relief effort, and that my wife Linda Mason serves as chairman of their board of directors. I offer the link to Mercy Corps in the event that you would like to help directly. Finally, we are in the process of pulling together a benefit event to raise money for Haitian relief. Carl Beatty in my office will coordinate that effort.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Haiti, and on behalf of all Haitians hope that the focus on this crisis remains strong for the long months ahead.


Roger H. Brown signature


Roger H. Brown

The following are options for how you can help support relief efforts:

  • The American Red Cross is pledging an initial $200,000 to assist communities impacted by this earthquake. They expect to provide immediate needs for food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support. They are accepting donations through their International Response Fund. Text the word "HAITI" to "90999" to donate $10 to the Red Cross.
  • UNICEF has issued a statement: "Children are always the most vulnerable population in any natural disaster, and UNICEF is there for them." UNICEF requests donations for relief for children in Haiti via its Haiti Earthquake Fund. You can also call 1-800-4UNICEF
  • Operation USA is appealing for donations of funds from the public and corporate donations in bulk of health care materials, water purification supplies and food supplements which it will ship to the region from its base in the Port of Los Angeles. Donate online at, by phone at 800 678-7255 or, by check made out to Operation USA, 3617 Hayden Ave, Suite A, Culver City, CA 90232.
  • Save The Children has launched an emergency relief effort for Haiti. Donate to their fund to provide medical attention and clean water to children and families. Text "SAVE" or "SAFE" to 20222 to donate $10 to the Save the Children Federation, Inc.
  • International Medical Corps is assembling a team of first responders and resources to provide lifesaving medical care and other emergency services to survivors of the earthquake. The IMC previously helped recovery efforts after the September 2009 earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia, and the massive 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. Donate to the International Medical Corps through their 24-hour hotline at 800 481-4462.
  • Ben Stiller's Stillerstrong campaign will be temporarily diverting all donations to support the Haiti relief effort.
  • Partners In Health reports that its Port-au-Prince clinical director, Louise Ivers, has appealed for assistance: "Port-au-Prince is devastated, lot of deaths. SOS. SOS . . Temporary field hospital by us at UNDP needs supplies, pain meds, bandages. Please help us." Donate to their Haiti earthquake fund.
  • As a UN Special Envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton appeared on CNN on Wednesday to ask for further assistance in bringing relief to populations on the ground. You can donate through the Clinton Foundation or text HAITI to 20222 to donate $10.
  • Mercy Corps is sending a team of emergency responders to assess damage, and seek to fulfill immediate needs of quake survivors. The agency aided families after earthquakes in Peru in 2007, China and Pakistan in 2008, and Indonesia last year. Donate online, call 888 256-1900 or send checks to Mercy Corps Haiti Earthquake Fund; Dept NR; PO Box 2669; Portland, OR 97208.
  • Doctors Without Borders is on the ground and has set up clinics to treat injured in Haiti. Donate any amount so they can keep their efforts going.
  • Direct Relief is committing up to $1 million in aid for the response and is coordinating with its other in-country partners and colleague organizations. Their collaborators in Haiti include Partners in Health, St. Damien Children's Hospital, and the Visitation Hospital, which are particularly active in emergency response. Donate to Direct Relief online.
  • Oxfam is rushing in teams from around the region to respond to the situation to provide clean water, shelter, sanitation and help people recover. Text "OXFAM" to 25383 to donate $10 to Oxfam America, Inc.
  • The UN World Food Programme is gathering all available resources to deliver food to the recently homeless and impoverished in Haiti. Donate now to help bring food to those affected as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The Baptist Haiti Mission is operating an 82-bed hospital that is "overflowing with injured." Donate online to BHM and 100% of your donation will go to the relief effort.
  • International Medical Corps is assembling a team of first responders and resources to provide lifesaving medical care and other emergency services to survivors of the earthquake. Donate online. Text "HAITI" to 85944 to donate $10 to the International Medical Corps.
  • Following the earthquake, Catholic Relief Services made an immediate commitment of $5 million for emergency supplies. They are distributing food and relief supplies, and importing plastic sheeting, mosquito nets, and water purification tablets from the Domincan Republic. Donate to Catholic Relief Services to assist in these efforts.
  • Give to the American Jewish World Service's Earthquake Relief Fund.
  • CARE is deploying emergency team members to Port-au-Prince today to assist in recovery efforts. They're focusing their efforts on rescuing children who may still be trapped in schools that collapsed. Donate to CARE.
  • Orphans International America reports that they have been able to make contact with their program director in the town of Jacmel, a city about 20 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince that houses OI's hospitals and schools. Orphans International America is attempting to gather food, clean water, and emergency medical supplies to Jacmel. You can contribute to them through PayPal.
  • The International Rescue Committee is deploying an emergency response team to Haiti to deliver urgent assistance to earthquake survivors and to help overwhelmed local aid groups struggling to meet the immense emergency needs. They will focus on critical medical, water and sanitation assistance. Donate to the IRC Haiti Crisis Fund. Text "HAITI" to 25383 to donate $5 to the International Rescue Committee.
  • NetHope is coordinating its response with its NGO member agencies and with the UN's Emergency Telecom Cluster to establish connectivity in Haiti. Seventeen of NetHope's members are already providing aid and deploying resources on the ground. Donate online.
  • The Haitian Health Foundation is still assessing the situation of their full-time facilities and staff in Haiti. They regularly provide health care, development, and relief to rural mountain villages in Haiti. Donate to the Haitian Health Foundation.
  • World Vision has more 370 staff in the country. Staff members from less-affected regions of Haiti are mobilizing, and World Vision's global experts are expected to arrive in the disaster zone as soon as possible. Donate to World Vision. Text "GIVE" or "WORLD" to 20222 to donate $10 to World Vision, Inc.
  • The Jewish Federations of North America is partnering with the American Jewish Joint Distribution committee and have created a dedicated Haiti Relief page for online donations.
  • United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) is the UN's humanitarian fund responding to emergencies like the earthquake in Haiti. Donate online.
  • Friends of the Orphans will use donations to meet the needs of first responders such as first aid supplies, shipping of necessary materials to assist in efforts, and treating the injured. Those interested in helping the relief effort can visit, or call 888 201-8880 to make a donation.
  • World Concern's staff is almost entirely composed of Haitian nationals and will be tapping into private as well as U.S. government supplies to help in the relief effort it hopes will soon be supplemented by cargo ships. Donate to World Concern.
  • Merlin USA is sending an emergency response team out to the region and have subsequently launched an emergency appeal to bring urgent medical aid and assistance to those affected. Donate to Merlin USA.
  • The Salvation Army has staff on the ground and already the organization has set aside $50,000 in direct aid to the country but the organization is in need of additional donations. Donations can be made online or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY. Text "HAITI" to 52000 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army.
  • The American Refugee Committee is sending a response team to provide water, sanitation, and shelter for earthquake survivors. Donate online or read about their volunteer opportunities.
  • AmeriCares has pledged $5 million in aid in the wake of the catastrophe and is sending an emergency shipment with $3 million worth of medicines and supplies for earthquake survivors. Donate online or call  800 486-HELP.
  • Handicap International will provide care to those injured by the earthquake and its aftershocks, including support to hospitals for essential post-surgery and rehabilitation care, as well as emergency shelter, emergency basic needs, and food distribution for at least 5,000 people initially. Donate online.
  • Episcopal Relief & Development has committed to providing Haiti both long- and short-term support in the wake of the disaster. Donate to the Haiti Fund or call 800 334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to Episcopal Relief & Development, PO Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058.
  • Artists For Peace and Justice is a relatively new organization with an advisory board of prominent celebrity activists, including Maria Bello, Madeleine Stowe, Charlize Theron, Oliver Stone, and Josh Brolin. Founded by filmmaker Paul Haggis, the group originally sought to help build functional schools in impoverished regions in Haiti. Since the earthquake, they've directed all of their funds to recovery efforts, with a focus on helping to rebuild schools, hospitals, and orphanages. Donate online.
  • Action Against Hunger has mobilized an emergency response following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Their teams on the ground are rushing to provide clean water for survivors in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas and are delivering emergency services in nutrition, sanitation and hygiene. Donate Online.
  • Haiti is dependent on air transport for relief. So far, Airline Ambassadors has delivered millions of dollars worth of contributed emergency medical supplies and food as well as hundreds of critically needed medical personnel. Airline Ambassadors pledges that 100% of all money donated to their Haitian Relief Mission will go to help the people of Haiti. They also pledge that their work will continue, as always, to alleviate poverty and its consequences in Haiti. Donate online.
  • Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is being run by former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and was created at the behest of President Obama. They oversee the CBHF through their respective nonprofit organizations, the William J. Clinton Foundation and Communities Foundation of Texas. One hundred percent of the donations made to the Clinton Foundation go directly to relief efforts. Ninety-nine percent of the donations made to the Communities Foundation of Texas go directly to relief efforts. Text the word "QUAKE" to 20222 to donate $10 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund or donate online.
  • Convoy of Hope is setting up an emergency command center just outside Port-au-Prince where food, water, and supplies are being distributed. Donate online.
  • Food for the Poor is accepting cash donations, canned eats, fish, condensed/evaporated/powdered milk, and water. Almost 100 containers of urgently needed medical supplies, rice, and canned food from Food for the Poor are ready to be distributed to the people of Haiti. Another 300 containers are planned as a part of the initial relief effort. Donate online.
  • Through your generous donations and the helping hands of their volunteers and dedicated staff, Hope for Haiti is helping to improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Haitian children and their families. Their unique approach of helping the poorest of the poor in Haiti is both efficient and effective. 100% of all donations received in response to the earthquake are going directly to their disaster relief effort on the ground. Donate online or call 239 434-7183. 
  • Shelter Box works to alleviate the suffering of people all over the world who have been made homeless by natural or manmade disaster. Donate online.
  • United Way is currently assessing Haiti's longtime recovery needs. Donate online, write a check, call (866) 404-5826 or make a $5 donation by texting HAITI to 864833 (UNITED).
  • Water Missions International is raising funds so they can directly provide safe water to earthquake survivors. They have full-time staff on the ground in Port-au-Prince and are poised to respond as quickly as possible to the survivors of the quake. Donate online.
  • At Shawmut Design and Construction, social responsibility is a key part of the culture. Giving back to the community is a core part of doing things the Shawmut Way. Shawmut’s founder Jim Ansara is on the ground in Haiti helping with the humanitarian relief effort. Jim and his wife Karen have been working over the last few months on building a hospital in Haiti; the earthquake prompted Jim and Karen to take additional immediate and urgent action. Before Jim hopped on a relief effort plane to Haiti, he and Karen helped start The Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation. They have pledged to match dollar for dollar the first one million dollars in gifts to this fund. They are also matching their employees’ gifts to the fund. Thanks to this pledge, the Boston Foundation recently announced that it has raised $2 million for the Haiti Fund. Donate online.