Berklee Today: Roger H. Brown

Mark Small
September 16, 2004
Berklee President Roger H. Brown
Photo by Paul Foley

One would not automatically conclude after reading Roger H. Brown's résumé that becoming Berklee's third chief executive was the inevitable next step in his career. Actually, it's his first job in the world of higher education. Yet it is a natural progression in a life of rich experiences that include working as a math teacher in a small village in Kenya, playing drums on jingle sessions in New York, creating and administering massive food relief operations that saved tens of thousands of lives in Southeast Asia and Africa, and taking the company he and his wife founded from a start-up to a publicly traded corporation worth $400 million. Not yet 50 years old, Brown has accomplished much in his career, but most importantly, with each pursuit, he has made a difference in the lives of others. Focusing his formidable leadership talents, entrepreneurial instincts, and passion for music on Berklee bodes well for the future of the college as it approaches its 60th anniversary.

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