Berklee Today: Expanded Circuitry

Compiled by Mark Small. Contributions by Kurt Biederwolf, Michael Bierylo, Stephen Croes, David Mash, and Michael Rendish
March 15, 2006
David Mash (standing) works with students in the music synthesis multistation lab facility in the late 1980s.
"Interplay," Berklee's first concert to mix acoustic instrumentation with electronic sounds, was presented in 1971.
Kurt Biederwolf and Stephen Croes seated in the newly build, dedicated music synthesis teaching studio.
Floorplan of the Music Synthesis Studio Complex in the Massachusetts Avenue Building unveiled in January.
Photo by Nick Balkin

As Berklee College of Music celebrates its 60th anniversary, another landmark has been reached by one of the college's more protean academic areas. The Music Synthesis Department celebrates 20 years of high-caliber instruction in the powerful mysteries of electronic music making that encompass sound design, sampling, sequencing, computer music, software design, and composition. Berklee's administration were quick to acknowledge this emerging musical force and have continued to invest in its emerging technology and support student and faculty exploration and discovery.

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