Berklee Today: Changing Lives With Music

Mark Small
March 9, 2007
TalkingTabs staff members Lee Ritter '01, Eric Palkovic '98, Jason Diana '01, and Bobby Koelble '85
Yohei Kobayashi '06
Misha Segal '76
Metta Quintet. From the left: Mark Gross '88, Helen Sung, Joshua Ginsburg, and Marcus Strickland, and H. Benjamin Schuman '90

All readers of this magazine have probably experienced music's power to move us to tears, bring a smile that overtakes the lips, compel us to dance, or console us when words are inadequate. Most musicians spend a lifetime refining their skills so they can effectively communicate and move their listeners with sounds. It's a solitary endeavor and a process that requires balance in order to avoid becoming the stereotypical self-absorbed artist.

What follows are just a few of the many examples of Berklee alumni who, after developing their skills, turned outward to use their music to touch the lives of others for good. Long after the notes have faded, the effect of such work resonates.

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