Recording and Production for Musicians

This minor represents an opportunity for students enrolled in any non-MP&E major to develop and refine their skills in recording, mixing, and music production. The minor focuses on both technical and aesthetic considerations of multitrack recording, mixing and music production with an emphasis on the digital audio workstation (DAW) and the project studio environment.

Given ongoing developments in technology and in the music industry, it has become increasingly important for all musicians to become facile with the tools, techniques, and aesthetic sensibilities involved in both recording and production. The Recording and Production for Musicians minor gives all students that opportunity.

Entrance Requirements


What the Program Gives You

Upon completion of a minor in recording and production for musicians, students will:

  • critically evaluate audio program material and make technical and aesthetic decisions based upon those observations;
  • gain knowledge and experience sufficient to effectively multitrack record, overdub, edit, and mix both live and electronically produced sources;
  • shepherd a creative project from idea inception to final delivery, with emphasis on aesthetic and emotional impact; and
  • understand digital audio systems, and an ability to apply appropriate tools to the creative task at hand.
Required Courses

Required (6 creadits):

  • MP-114 Critical Listening for Musicians (1 cr.)
  • MP-115 Music Production Analysis for musicians (1 cr.)
  • MP-P205 Recording and Mix Techniques for Musicians (2 cr.)
  • MP-P305 Record Production for Musicians (2 cr.)

Elective (4 credits):

Choose at least one production elective

  • MP-110 Intro to MP&E
  • MP-210 Principles of Independent Record Production
  • MTEC-P323 Production and Business of Dance Music

Choose at least one engineering elective

  • MP-113 Accelerated Pro Tools
  • MP-310 Sound Reinforcement for Musicians
  • MTEC-308 Loudspeaker Design
  • MP-351 Microphone Theory and Applications