Herb Pomeroy Jazz Composition/Arranging Contest

The 2019 Herb Pomeroy Jazz Composition/Arranging Contest is a competition open to high school students enrolled in grades nine–12. It is sponsored by Berklee College of Music, the Harmony and Jazz Composition Department, and the Professional Writing Division.

Entrance Guidelines

  1. The entrant must be a high school student enrolled in grades nine, 10, 11, or 12.
  2. The piece can be an original composition or an arrangement of an existing tune. It should be scored as follows:
    • There should be a minimum of three melodic instruments and a rhythm section.
    • There should be a maximum of four trumpets, four trombones (the fourth should be bass trombone), five saxophones (AATTB, no doubles), guitar, piano, bass, and drums (i.e., a big band).
    • For the big band, a vocal part may be included, but vocal scores must contain a solid section for the band.
  3. Each entrant may submit only one piece.
  4. The piece should show use of transitions and development.
  5. Required materials include the following:
    • A completed online application form
    • One score and a set of parts
    • An audio rendition (electronic or acoustic)

The application form on this page, one score and a set of parts, and an audio rendition (acoustic or electronic) must be received by 11:59 p.m. on January 7, 2019. The winner and honorable mentions will be announced by January 18. The winners will be presented with their awards at the Berklee College of Music High School Jazz Festival on January 26, 2019, at Boston's Hynes Convention Center.

The first place winner will receive a full-tuition scholarship to the Berklee Five-Week Summer Performance Program. The second place winner will receive a $2,000 partial-tuition scholarship to the Five-Week Summer Performance Program, and the third place winner will receive a $1,500 partial scholarship to the Five-Week Summer Performance Program. All winners will have until March 1, 2019, to accept their scholarships to the Five-Week Summer Performance Program. If you choose not to accept the scholarship, it will not affect your standing as a winner in the contest.

Send an mp3 of your piece to pomeroycontest@berklee.edu in addition to links provided on this form; in the subject of your email, state your name and the name of your piece. Any questions should be directed to pomeroycontest@berklee.edu.

This is a printable version of the complete contest rules and details: 2019 Herb Pomeroy Jazz Composition.pdf.


Applicant's grade as of January 2019
List only one instrument.
I hereby certify that I am eligible to enter this contest and accept all printed conditions and guidelines.
I hereby acknowledge that I give permission for my child to participate in this competition and understand the rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions.