Private Instruction and Recital Preparation and Related Requirements

Students are required to register for private instruction each semester until they have completed all private instruction requirements for their major. To register for private instruction, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Select an instructor from the Private Instructor lists. If you need assistance in selecting an instructor, speak with your instrumental chair or advisor, or research instructors online at
  • In your second semester, you may register for EITHER:
    • A 50-minute, 2-credit section of private instruction, 
    • OR a 30-minute, 1-credit section of private instruction AND a 1-credit instrumental lab.
  • Non-performance majors in semesters three and four must register for a 1-credit 30-minute private instruction and a 1-credit instrumental lab.
  • Private instruction (and for performance majors, recital preparation) will initially appear on your schedule with XXX as the course number. After final grades for the preceding semester have been submitted, a computer process will delete the XXX designation and assign a new course number that represents the highest level of private instruction and/or recital preparation that has been satisfactorily completed.
  • When adding private instruction or recital preparation during check-in week or the add/drop period: the first meeting time will be for the week after the course has been added to your schedule. Therefore:
    • Students adding private instruction or recital preparation courses during the first week of classes will have their first lesson during the second week of classes.
  • In order to register for a private instruction that is outside of your principal instrument family, you must request a waiver from the instrumental department chair of the lesson to be taken.
  • You can only register for one private instruction (and for performance majors, one recital preparation) per semester. To add a second private instruction (or recital preparation) course in a term, instrumental chair approval is required. Your instrumental chair must enter a prerequisite waiver into the Colleague system before you can attempt to add the private instruction. An extra private instruction (per credit) fee will be assessed whenever a second private instruction or recital preparation is taken within a single semester.
  • The total number of private instruction courses you may take is limited by your major. Taking more private instruction than allowed will cause an extra (per credit) fee above normal full-time tuition. The following details the maximum number of private instruction courses that can be taken within normal tuition by major.
    • Performance major: eight levels of private instruction, six levels of recital preparation
    • Music education, professional music, and songwriting: six levels of private instruction
    • All other majors: four levels of private instruction
  • As mentioned above, songwriting and professional music majors may choose to take up to six private instructions (six total). If the fifth and sixth private instructions are taken on a student’s principal instrument, the private instructions are counted as levels five and six. Students have the choice to take these additional private instructions on a secondary instrument. (Songwriting majors may only choose the following secondary instruments: guitar, piano, and voice.) When these private instructions are taken on a secondary instrument, they will be counted as unleveled private instructions. Up to two private instructions (a primary and a secondary) can be taken concurrently without incurring extra charges until six cumulative private instructions have been reached.
  • Private instruction taken while enrolled on a part-time basis is charged on a per-credit basis, and does not count toward the maximum private instruction courses allowed within full-time tuition.
  • Private instruction courses in which non-passing grades are earned (“W”, “F”, “IF”) are counted toward the maximum allowed within full-time tuition.

The following chart lists the course numbers that should be used to register for lessons:

Instrument Private Instruction Recital Preparation