New Courses

New Courses for Spring 2020

For details on the courses listed, please see the course descriptions

Course Number Course Title Credits Semesters Offered
CM-358 Composing Electroacoustic Music 2 Spring
DANE-111 Dances from the Jazz Era 1 Spring
DANU-111 The Upside Down 1 Spring

Electronic Music Producer–Songwriter Practicum

2 Spring
ILPN-210 Gospel Keyboard Reharmonization Techniques 1 Fall, Spring, Summer
ILPN-211 Introduction to Gospel Music Styles 1 Fall, Spring, Summer
ILPN-220 Musical Theater Keyboard Skills 1 Fall, Spring
ILPN-221 Diverse Stylistic Considerations in Contemporary Jazz 1 Fall, Spring, Summer
ILPN-373 Jazz Piano in Duo Performance 1 Fall, Spring

Woodwind Doubling Lab—Double Reeds

1 Spring
LMSC-207 Applied Acoustics for the Writer/Producer 3 Fall, Spring
MP-216 Making VR Experiences 2 Fall, Spring
MTEC-312 Sound Design for Electronic Performance 2 Fall, Spring, Summer
MTEC-390 Live Playback Engineering and Performance Design 2 Fall, Spring
PW-463 Make It Yours: Developing Your True Compositional Voice 2 Fall, Spring, Summer
SW-275 Contemporary R&B Songwriting 2 Fall, Spring

Songwriter–Producer Practicum

2 Fall, Spring