Plan Your Schedule

It’s important to know where you are in your academic progress in order to know which courses to select for spring 2021 registration. That’s why we recommend you conduct a degree audit and review your major grid before you begin planning your schedule.

  • My Degree Audit: Found on under the Academic Profile section, My Degree Audit advises you on how the courses you have completed, are currently enrolled in, or are preregistered for will count toward graduation. It also shows you the remaining courses required for graduation and all other requirements still to be completed.
  • Major Grids: The major grids indicate which courses should be taken in each semester to complete each major's academic requirements by catalog year. Every student already in a major(s) or considering a major should have the grid for that major. (If you have declared a major, your catalog year can be found in the top section of your degree audit.)

Note: All students are required to declare a major field of study by their third semester credit standing. If you will reach third semester status by this summer or fall, and have not yet declared a major, we strongly advise that you do so prior to your assigned online registration time during your second semester. See Declaring a Major/Minor for more information.

Other things to keep in mind when planning your schedule:

  • Performance majors registering for private instruction must register for a 30-minute Private Instruction (PIXX) course with a corequisite 30-minute Recital Preparation (RPXX) course. See For Performance Majors Only for more information.
  • Students are limited to registering for a specific number of ensembles during the registration period, according to instrument. Additional ensembles can be added once all registration times have passed.
  • After your initial registration session, you may add or drop courses as necessary up until the stated deadlines.