Withdrawing from Courses

After the deadline to drop a course has passed, students may withdraw from a course by submitting a Student Initiated Withdrawal from a Class form at the Office of the Registrar. A withdrawn course will remain on a transcript with a grade of “W” (Withdrawn) and is not eligible for a tuition refund or a replacement course.  

Please note: Withdrawn courses are considered attempted courses and, as such, may affect a student’s satisfactory academic progress. Withdrawn courses are not considered when calculating a student’s GPA. If you receive financial aid or veterans’ benefits, withdrawal from a course(s) may reduce your eligibility for aid. If you are an international student, withdrawal from a course(s) may jeopardize your F-1 Visa status. 

The deadlines for withdrawing from a course are July 20 for summer 2018, and November 16 for fall 2018.

Withdrawal from Berklee

Students who wish to withdraw from the college anytime after completing the check-in process are required to complete a Withdrawal from the College form in order to be officially withdrawn from the term. There are three locations where students can do this:

  1. U.S. citizens (or permanent residents) who are withdrawing from the college for any nonmedical reason must schedule an appointment with the Retention and Student Success Office at success@berklee.edu.
  2. U.S. citizens (or permanent residents) who are withdrawing from the college for any medical reason must obtain medical documentation and schedule an appointment with the Health and Wellness office.
  3. International students withdrawing from the college for either medical or nonmedical reasons must schedule an appointment with their international advisor during drop-in hours at iss@berklee.edu. Please note that international students in F-1 status will affect their immigration status by withdrawing from the college.
Students withdrawing before the end of the fourth week of either the fall or spring semesters are entitled to a credit of part of their tuition: 80 percent if withdrawing during the first week, 60 percent if withdrawing during the second week, 40 percent if withdrawing during the third week, and 20 percent if withdrawing during the fourth week. After the fourth week, no credit will be made. No deduction is made for temporary absence, nor is any credit granted if students are suspended, dismissed, or leave the college without officially withdrawing. 

Financial aid awards may be prorated upon withdrawal from the college. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.

Students are encouraged to communicate with the Office of Retention and Student Success regarding their academic standing as it relates to their withdrawal from the college (medical or nonmedical).