Repeated Courses

Students may enroll in most courses for a second or subsequent time. (No required music production and engineering course, required electronic production and design course, and certain other music technology courses can be repeated without department approval). When a course is taken more than once, only the highest grade earned for the course is used to determine the cumulative grade point average (CumGPA) and the concentrate grade point average (CGPA). In addition, only the highest grade in a repeated course will count as completed credit for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) while all attempts of the course will count as attempted credit. Repeated courses appear on the student’s record for each term the course was taken with the grade received and the term grade point average. Credits earned from repeating a course cannot be counted toward graduation.  

Please note: this policy does not apply to ensembles, instrumental labs, and nonleveled private instruction, all of which may be repeated with each grade counted in the CumGPA and CGPA, and which may be applicable toward graduation (up to certain limits; please see Restrictions for General Elective Credit.)