Policy on Grades of Incomplete

Effective with the fall 2012 semester, all necessary coursework for a course in which the teacher has granted the student a grade of Incomplete ("I“) must be completed and submitted to the instructor by 5:00 pm of the last day of the sixth week of classes of the immediately following semester, whether or not the student is enrolled in that semester. Please read the complete policy on page 19 in the Academic Policies section of the 2015-2016 Policy Handbook for Students

  • You must be passing the course and have satisfactory attendance.
  • The request must be made during the final two weeks of the semester.
  • A grade of “I” does not count against your GPA. 
  • A grade of “I” is not a passing grade. You will not receive credit for the class until a passing grade is submitted.
  • The course cannot be used as a prerequisite for another course until a passing grade is submitted. 
  • The grade of “I” is not available for ensembles.
  • A grade of “I” that is not resolved within the stated time period will automatically change to a grade of “IF” — Incomplete/Failure. This will be averaged into your GPA as an “F” – Failure. Grades of “IF” cannot be changed. Students have one calendar year to change a grade of “IF”, after which time it becomes permanent.
  • Having an Incomplete grade for any course as of the third week of the next semester will prevent a student from being included on that term’s dean's list.
  • One or more incompletes can significantly add to your workload in your next semester.
  • Last day to change an incomplete awarded for spring 2016 is July 1, 2016, and for summer 2016 is October 14, 2016.