Full and Part-Time Policy

The college’s primary commitment is to full-time study and does not allow for the unrestricted enrollment of part-time students. All students are considered full time and charged the full-time diploma or degree tuition, unless a student meets certain criteria and is authorized to enroll part time by the college.

The maximum credit load within full-time tuition for each program is:
  • Bachelor of Music degree: 16 credits
  • Professional Diploma: 13 credits

Exceeding the maximum credit load will result in an extra credit fee. The fee is based on the number of credits over the maximum ($1,461 per credit).

Maximum Extra Credits per Term

Students may register for up to four extra credits each term and will be charged per credit for each extra credit. Professional Diploma students may register for up to 17 credits and Bachelor of Music degree students may register for up to 20 credits.

First-semester entering students and transfer students may not exceed the registration credit limit of their programs. Students wishing to register for more than four extra credits who have demonstrated high academic achievement and/or high musical proficiency should seek approval from the director of academic advising in the Counseling and Advising Center or the major department chair. 

Part-Time Status

Part-time status is defined as enrollment in fewer than 12 credits with authorization by the college. It is the student’s responsibility to request authorization for part-time status by the posted deadline—the last day of the add/drop period for that semester—to be effective for the same semester. Part-time study is charged on a per-credit basis. Students receiving any financial aid or scholarship funds who are requesting part-time status may contact the Office of Student Financial Services with questions regarding the impact of part-time status on their individual financial aid awards.  

Note: Part-time status may be granted for domestic students if requested and approved by the deadline only under the following special circumstances:

  • A student who has completed at least one full-time semester at Berklee may study part time during the summer semester.
  • A student who has fewer than 12 credits required for graduation remaining. (Authorization is required for all students by the Office of the Registrar. See Registration Forms to request authorization for part-time enrollment status.)
  • A student who has fewer than 24 credits required for graduation remaining, including sequential courses which require the student to enroll for at least one semester beyond the semester for which part-time status is being requested. (Authorization is required for all students by the Office of the Registrar. See Registration Forms to request authorization for part-time enrollment status.)
  • Students enrolled only in internship courses approved by the college. Internships approved by the Office of Experiential Learning generate academic credit and involve a substantial workload commitment, comparable to full-time study. Internships may or may not include compensation. It is the responsibility of international students to contact an international student advisor to apply for work authorization. Practicums offered through the Music Therapy and Music Education Departments are not within the purview of the Office of Experiential Learning. (Authorization is required for all students by the Office of Experiential Learning.)
  • Students enrolled only in Music Education Practice Teaching/Seminar. Practicums supervised by the Music Education Department involve a substantial workload commitment, comparable to full-time study. A minimum of 450 clock hours practice teaching and weekly seminars are required. (Authorization is required for all students by the Music Education Department.)
  • Students enrolled only in the Music Therapy Internship supervised by the Music Therapy Department. This post-course work experience extends through two semesters and involves 1,040 hours of full-time music therapy experience at a clinical site approved by the American Music Therapy Association. Students enrolled in the first semester of the internship are considered to be active Berklee students throughout the completion of the internship in the second semester. (Authorization is required for all students by the Music Therapy Department.)
  • A student with a documented physical, learning, or psychiatric disability for which the college determines that part-time enrollment is a reasonable accommodation. In the case of learning disabilities, documentation must be submitted to disability services staff in the Counseling and Advising Center. The definition of disability is outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. (Authorization is required for all students by the Counseling and Advising Center.)
  • A graduate of Berklee returning to take additional coursework.
For all other extenuating circumstances, the Office of Enrollment may consider student appeals.

All students must be authorized for part-time status for the fall term 

You will need to submit an online Part-Time Status Request Form to request authorization for part-time enrollment status. Requests for part-time authorization must be received by September 12, 2016, for the fall term.

Special part-time status procedure for the summer term only

Domestic students in their second term of enrollment (or higher) do not need to declare or be authorized for part-time enrollment status for the summer term. Simply register for your courses, and you will be charged per credit, up to 11 credits for degree students and up to 10 credits for diploma students. A Bachelor of Music degree student enrolling in 12–16 credits and a Professional Diploma student enrolling in 1113 credits will be charged the full-time tuition rate. Course enrollment for a degree student that exceeds 13 credits incurs an extra fee per credit over the maximum. This policy does not apply to international students or students in their first term. (See Part-Time Attendance Policy for Students in F-1 Nonimmigrant Status).