Pop & Jazz Conservatory, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory was established in 1972. The school offers a three-year degree program in performance and music technology on the upper secondary level.

Mowgli performs at Helsinki Pop&Jazz Conservatory's Close Encounters event.
Linda Lappalainen

At the conservatory, 120 students are enrolled in vocational studies, which are subsides by the Finnish government. The school has programs only in Finnish, therefore it is necessary for an applicant to be proficient in Finnish language. Application period is in early March. Please notice that school has a centralized online process unified by the Finnish National Board of Education. Also, the application process is in Finnish.

At the vocational studies the school collaborates with clubs and concert halls in Helsinki. In February the Pop & Jazz Conservatory organizes the international Close Encounters Helsinki–St. Petersburg student festival, which offers a multicultural venue for ambitious young musicians and their fresh ideas–bringing together musical genres and nations. The festival takes place simultaneously at prominent venues in Helsinki and St. Petersburg with participants from the BIN and other networks. The festival focuses on original music written and performed by the students.

In addition to the students in vocational education, there are about 600 youth who study music at the conservatory. Children can select their instruments during an experimental period.  After picking up their main instrument, they start bands and as a band they are participating in theory classes. Instead of exams they are assessed during live performances.

The premises of the conservatory are quite modern with two studios, concert hall and gallery. The school is located in the Arabianranta area, which is the capital’s most innovative and dynamic educational, working, and residential neighborhood specializing in music, design, and AV-technology. Collaboration with creative industries is constant and fruitful.

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