Music Academy International, Nancy, France

Nancy, located in the heart of Europe and near eight countries within a radius of 250 miles, is a hot place for rock. It is top notch in jazz and strong in classical music. There are small jazz clubs and friendly rock basements, majestic concert halls, and of course the famous Zenith concert hall. Nancy welcomes musicians from all horizons with open arms.

Music Academy International is widely recognized as being one of Europe's finest schools of modern music. Established more than 25 years ago MAI has been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other France-based school.

What began as a guitar school has since expanded to become Music Academy International (MAI), offering a comprehensive array of instrument, vocal, recording, and music production programs in one of the Europe's foremost teaching, performing, and recording facilities.

With approximately 110 faculty members including full- and part-time instructors in all programs and levels, MAI prepares students for careers in contemporary music performance (bass, guitar, keyboards, drums, and voice) and music industry career specialties (audio engineering, songwriting/music production, and music video/film production).

To further its students' careers MAI collaborates closely with leading TV stations as well as the music industry print media.

Music Academy International
12 Avenue de 20`eme Corps
BP 637
54010 Nancy, France
Phone: 03 83 39 70 70