Conservatori Liceu, L'AULA de Música Moderna i Jazz - Barcelona, Spain

L'AULA de Música Moderna i Jazz—Conservatori Liceau, (L'Aula) was founded in 1978 as an alternative music school specializing in the genres of jazz, rock, pop, blues, and other contemporary styles. L'Aula's educational objectives are to stimulate a practical understanding of contemporary music and to forge a cultural approach toward the methodology of modern training.

L'Aula students may work toward either a diploma in modern music or a degree in modern music. The core curriculum of L'Aula combines theoretical performance aspects and compositional skills in all styles.

Core Curriculum
The core curriculum is designed to take three years to complete, consisting of six semesters, each lasting four months. Courses include Ear Training, Arranging, Composition, Improvisation, Music and Technology, Music and Society, Private Instruction, and Ensembles.

Ear Training Levels 1-6
This subject focuses on ear training through rhythm and melody. Melodic recognition is approached progressively through theory, practice and modern notation with special focus on syncopated rhythms, polyrhythms, and swing. Ear training at L'Aula is based on the system of transposition of a fixed tonal center—movable do.

Theory Levels 1-6
Upon completion of the six levels, students will have a thorough understanding of triads, tonal functions, melodic harmonization, harmonic progressions, cadences, four-note chords, tensions, secondary dominants, and a long list of other harmonic concepts.

Music and Technology 1-2
An introduction to home recording studio technology and professional MIDI-based digital recording. The student is expected to produce professional quality compositions.

Music and Society 1-2
These courses cover the history and evolution of rock and pop, focusing on the social elements of music and the economic, technological and political influences that have affected the development of popular music in the 20th century.

Private Instruction 1-6
Piano, guitar, electric and acoustic bass, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet, voice, percussion, trumpet, and trombone.

Ensembles 1-6
Jazz, pop, rock, blues, funk, and salsa.

Optional Courses
Arranging, composition, and instrumental études.

L'AULA de Música Moderna i Jazz - Conservatori Liceu
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