Koyo Conservatory - Kobe, Japan

Situated in the serene port city of Kobe along the Rokko mountain range, Koyo Conservatory in Kobe was founded in 1980 by Takanori Sugauchi. Starting off as a small jazz school, it has gradually and steadily developed into one of the major musical institutions in the western region of Japan, offering courses in contemporary music of all styles, computer music, classical music, and engineering.

The main objective of this school is to provide high-quality music education and experiences by training serious-minded students to become well-rounded artists who can adapt to the music industry successfully after graduating. Koyo is also aggressive in promoting concert tours and community events and is a frequent contributor to the music scene throughout Japan. The school has two branches in Japan (Kobe and Nagoya) with 400 students who come from all around the country and 200 teachers who are all active professional musicians and well trained educators.

Area of Studies

Koyo provides seven courses: Contemporary Music, Classical Music, Songwriting, Composition, Music Synthesis, Sound Engineering, and Music Therapy. Koyo Conservatory especially emphasizes contemporary music, which led to its great alliance with Berklee College of Music in 1995. Many students from Koyo enroll at Berklee every year and are making amazing progress at the college. Many students from Koyo are on the Dean's List for their excellent academic performance at Berklee.

Full-time students are required to take two private lessons per week on their principal instrument, one private lesson for a secondary instrument, music theory, ear training, and ensembles. In addition, various elective classes are provided to meet each student's musical curiosity.

Contact Information

Koyo Conservatory
5-4-1 Shinohara Minami Machi
Kobe, Japan 657-0059
Phone: 81-78-882-5460
Fax: 81-78-802-1636

E-mail: koyo.international@koyo.net