Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik Freiburg (hKDM) - Freiburg, Germany

Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik Freiburg (hKDM) (formerly Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg), one of Europe’s leading private contemporary music schools, was established in 1985. Located in the beautiful Black Forest, close to Switzerland and France, hKDM offers a wide range of courses and draws students from across Germany and Europe.

The college offers a bachelor of arts degree in popular music. This four-year program focuses on the artistic development of the student’s preferred musical instrument and hones students’ skills in both solo and group/band settings. The international version of this program also includes courses in English language, support for foreign students in matters of housing and visa issues, and a cultural program.

In addition, the college also offers a three-year college-level professional music program to train students for careers as instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, and music educators. A wide range of instruments, and jazz and popular music styles, are taught.

J&RSF also offers a community college program for amateur and hobbyist musicians, from adults on down to toddlers of 18 months, as well as workshops for beginners as well as highly specialized, professional-level classes taught by J&RSF faculty and guest lecturers. Click here for more information, or contact hKDM:

Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik Freiburg
Haslacher Straße. 43
D-79115 Freiburg
Phone: 49-761-368889-0
Fax: 49-761-368889-26

Email: info@jrs.org
Bernhard Hofmann, artistic director
Julia Diehm, public relations