Official Notice Regarding Academia de Music Fermatta, Mexico City, Mexico

Dear Fermatta Students,

It is with regret that I inform you of the non-renewal of our BIN and Curriculum Transfer Agreements with Fermatta. Unfortunately, we were not able to overcome our differences.

Over the years, it has been my distinct pleasure and honor to have met and auditioned many talented musicians from Fermatta and Mexico at large. A substantial number of these students went on to attend Berklee, many with scholarships. These students have enriched the Berklee campus with their talent, creativity, and kindness. They have proudly represented their country and its musical culture, and brought a unique perspective to music making and creation that emanates from Mexico's musical heritage and its contemporary musical vocabulary.

We want you to come to Berklee if that is your wish. Therefore, I want to present some information and guidelines about credit transfer for students affected by the termination of the BIN and Credit Transfer Agreements between Berklee and Fermatta.

Credit Transfer

  1. All Students who entered Fematta before the suspension will be able to participate in the credit transfer process with official transcripts from Fermatta.
    1. Students who complete all of their course work under the Credit Transfer Agreement by August 2009 will transfer in accordance with the Credit Transfer Agreement.
    2. Students who have not finished their course work under the Credit Transfer Agreement by August 2009 may transfer individual courses where a grade of B has been achieved. The official transcripts of these students will be reviewed case by case by the Office of the Registrar. This waives for Fermatta students the requirement that all courses in a Credit Transfer Agreement be taken before transferring to Berklee.
    3. Berklee will not accept transfer courses from Fermatta that are taken after August 2009.
  2. We advise students who plan to attend Berklee at a later date to request official transcripts in a sealed envelope, to be held by you until you apply to Berklee.
  3. Students with questions or concerns should contact Gojko Damjanic at
  4. Students who decide to come to Berklee from Guadalajara will take the Berklee Placement Exam and may receive further counseling from upon their arrival.  Students affected by this provision who want to apply to Berklee should immediately contact Gojko Damjanic at
  5. Berklee's Office of Admissions is aware of the termination of the agreements between Berklee and Fermatta and will make every effort to accommodate those applicants who meet our admissions standards and are affected by the non-renewal of the Credit Transfer Agreement.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Badolato, Assistant Vice President
Office of International Programs