Conservatório Musical Souza Lima - São Paulo, Brazil

The Conservatório Musical Souza Lima was founded in June of 1981 by professor Antonio Mário de Silva Cunha, who continues to manage the conservatory. One of the most prestigious institutions in Brazil, Conservatório Musical Souza Lima offers intensive and semi-intensive advanced-level programs in Brazilian music, jazz, and contemporary styles. In providing students with a music education grounded in faculty expertise and technology, Conservatório Musical Souza Lima consistently surpasses student expectations.

The conservatory offers a bachelor of music degree, technical courses, Brazilian music summer programs, and hosts the Berklee on the Road program. Its campus features modern studios, nine ensemble rooms, a recital hall for 100 people, and 40 classrooms open 20 hours per day. Under the direction of professors Antonio Mario da Silva Cunha and Lupa Santiago, a Berklee graduate, the conservatory is named after the conductor and pianist João de Souza Lima (1898-1982).

Among those who teach or have taught at the conservatory are: André Marques, Bob Wyatt, Daniel D´Alcantara, Daniel Maudonnet, Douglas Fonseca, Gilberto de Syllos, Guilherme Ribeiro, Jarbas Barbosa, Lupa Santiago, Cindy Borgani, Sidney Borgani, Vinicius Barros, Sizão Machado, Nenê, Carlos Ezequiel, Pedro Ramos, Vitor Alcantara, Marcello Stasi, Rodrigo Ursaia, Rodrigo de Castro, Rodrigo Morte, Julia Tygel, Maria Cecilia, and Andréa Guimarães.

Conservatório Musical Souza Lima also hosts the Souza Lima Publisher, one of the most important publishers of books on improvisation, instrumental technique (guitar, drums, bass), counterpoint, choir, and Brazilian rhythm (baião, samba jazz, odd meters) play-alongs. Its authors, some of whom are teachers at the institution, are widely recognized. Souza Lima Publisher’s partner, Advance Music, also releases these books in English and Spanish in Europe and the U.S.

Conservatório Musical Souza Lima
Rua Jose Maria Lisboa, 745
Jardim Paulista
São Paulo, SP 01423-001 - Brazil
Phone: 55-11-3884-9149
Fax: 55-11-3884-7611

Director: Antonio Mario da Silva Cunha
Academic dean: Lupa Santiago