Articulation Agreements

Berklee has agreements with schools across the world that make it possible for students to earn Berklee course credits in music and other disciplines while staying close to home. If you attend one of the institutions below and earn satisfactory grades* while completing the agreed-upon curriculum, you are eligible to receive transfer credit once you have been accepted to Berklee. Check with the appropriate department at one of the institutions mentioned below for more details.

Note that credits will be transferred only from those who have applied to and been accepted to attend Berklee. All students, including those who have studied at institutions with which Berklee has a curriculum transfer agreement, must apply to Berklee through the regular admissions process. If or when you are accepted to Berklee, a special transfer counselor will help set up your program of study.

Institutions with Berklee Curriculum Transfer Agreements

For more information, please contact, or learn more about the criteria for articulation application and start the application process here.

* Grade requirements vary. The minimum grade required to transfer course credits is a B in many cases and a C in some cases. See your local institution for more details on grade requirements for Berklee credit transfers.