Institutional Competencies

Institutional Competencies

Competency Philosophy

Berklee College of Music has a unique historical place as an innovator in the teaching of contemporary music. Berkleeā€™s curriculum, designed to prepare students for successful, sustainable careers in music, teaches musicianship through the study of contemporary music. Our curriculum is student-centered, provides for participatory and experiential learning, and encourages rational, experimental, and creative thought. While Berklee students are first and foremost musicians, our curriculum also acknowledges that music exists in a cultural and historical context that includes the other arts and sciences. We recognize that to be successful in a career in music one needs both a strong musical foundation and a broad knowledge of the human creative spirit in all of its manifestations.

General Competencies

The following is a list of big picture competencies that address skills and knowledge for all Berklee students regardless of major.

Within a Berklee education, students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to notate music
  • Use technology to notate music
  • Notate music by hand (music calligraphy)
  • Create lead sheets, chord charts, and arrangements of both original music and music in the popular repertoire
  • Listen to, analyze, and describe music
  • Relate music to history and culture
  • Develop professional skills needed to participate in the music industry
  • Evaluate music and music performances representing a variety of musical styles
  • Lead and collaborate with musicians in rehearsal and/or performance settings
  • Employ technology as a learning and music making instrument
  • Demonstrate information literacy using a variety of research tools
  • Develop a breadth of intellectual knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences
  • Think logically, critically, and creatively
  • Communicate (musically, orally, and in writing)
  • Make ethical choices
  • Develop a global perspective for music and society
  • Apply skills and knowledge in real world settings

For more information, including specific comptencies for each area of study, please see the competencies guide.