Resident Assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) are veteran Berklee students who have been selected for the residence staff because of their interest and ability in working with fellow students. If you are a first semester student, they can help point you in the right direction. They have been through auditions, placement exams, ensemble and course selection, and many other things you’ll be experiencing as you start your Berklee career. 

RAs receive extensive training at the beginning of the fall semester as well as in-service training sessions throughout the fall and spring semesters. They are well-equipped to handle a number of resident situations and issues. If roommates find it difficult to get along, an RA can provide advice and, sometimes, mediation. They can also provide resources and services, and assist in requesting room repairs.

An RA is on duty each evening in the RA office of each residence hall. Residence Life staff assistance is available during the day, Monday through Friday, at the Housing Office on the third floor at 150 Mass Avenue (extension 2292).

RAs are also responsible for monitoring residence hall noise, conduct, fire safety, and security regulations. 

RAs are supervised and assisted by several resident directors (RDs), the graduate resident directors (GRDs), and the assistant director for residence life (AD). All staff members have had many years of experience in residence hall work. If an RA does not have the answer to a question or problem, the RD will be able to address it.