Transportation in Boston


There is no parking available for students on Berklee’s campus. We strongly encourage students not to bring a vehicle to campus as the only parking available is limited and metered. Parking restrictions are strictly enforced.

We recommend that students learn more about resident parking permits and the Massachusetts RMV Vehicle Code prior to arriving on campus if they intend to bring a vehicle. 

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

There are several public transportation options near campus that are both more convenient and less expensive than owning a car in Boston. If you plan to live further away from Berklee, you may want to consider how you plan to commute to school. 

The public transportation system in Boston is run by the MBTA, or “the T.” It is a network of bus and subway lines that connect all areas of the city and surrounding areas. The closest T stop to Berklee is Hynes Convention Center on the green line.

T Pass Program

If you plan on using the MBTA, be sure to budget for your monthly fares or passes. Students at Berklee are eligible for a discounted T pass, or "Charlie Card," offered by the Student Activities Center at an 11 percent discount if students order semester T passes. As it is a semester-long program, it must be renewed. Students can opt for either this discounted monthly pass (paid for each semester) or add money to a card with cash or a credit/debit card to pay by ride. More information regarding the T pass program can be found through Student Activities.