Gym Memberships

While off-campus students do not have access to the fitness centers in the residence halls, there are several local options available. Discounted and low-cost memberships are available through the Northeastern University Marino Center and the Tennis and Racquet Club. For further details regarding membership, please visit this Student Activities Center page.

Drum Lockers

A limited number of lockers for percussion-principal students are available to be rented each semester. Students not registered for classes at the Boston campus for the rental term are not eligible to rent a drum locker. Drum lockers are available to non-percussion principals on a limited basis.

On the first day of classes, students can come to the Housing Office to rent a locker. Lockers are rented for $50 per semester, and students must sign a rental agreement. The Housing Office can accept cash, check, or credit card for payment of this fee.

Drum lockers are located in the basement of the 130 Massachusetts Avenue building near the Ensemble Department office and practice rooms, and on the fourth floor of the 160 Massachusetts Avenue building. The lockers located in 160 Massachusetts Avenue are reserved for students who live in that building. Students interested in renting a locker should first choose a locker they are interested in. Any locker that is available will have a sign on it indicating that it is available. Remove this sign and bring it to the Housing Office along with the $50 fee.

Students should take note of the expiration date on the rental agreement. Any locker being occupied after the expiration date will have the lock cut, equipment removed, and the student will be charged a fine of $100. Berklee may dispose of anything left in illegally occupied lockers and is not liable for any belongings lost from seized lockers.

Tenant's Issues

Students needing assistance with any tenant's rights or legal issues are encouraged to review the resources provided by the Student Activities Center.