Apartment Searching

Visit Berklee's Off-Campus Housing site.

Apartment searching can be both exciting and exasperating, especially if you are moving to Boston from far away. The information contained here is intended to help students, both incoming and returning, make informed decisions when looking for off-campus housing.

Visit Berklee's Off-Campus Housing site to search local listings posted by property managers, members of the Berklee community, and students from other colleges looking for housemates. You can:

  • search off-campus housing listings;
  • create and view roommate profiles;
  • compare your favorite property listings side by side;
  • share property listings with friends through social media; and
  • post to message boards for buying/selling furniture, books, musical instruments, and accessories.

The Student Activities Center is also a great place to go for additional help in finding off-campus housing and an amazing resource for off-campus and commuter students throughout the year.