Graduate Internship Program

Please note: this program is available to enrolled graduate students at Berklee College of Music.

Berklee College of Music’s optional graduate internship program supports the college's graduate students who seek to integrate academic and professional experience after completing the coursework and culminating experience projects required in their specific master’s degree program. This optional program will take place during an additional semester, following the completion of all course work. 

In conjunction with Berklee Global Partners and Berklee City Music®, the college has also created teaching internships for recent master's degree program graduates at Berklee partner schools across the United States and around the world. These one-semester internships provide opportunities for those who have completed their master's degree to work directly with students in classroom, ensemble, and private lesson settings, and to be mentored by experienced and expert teachers. These internships offer experience and development for recent graduates and provide a service to Berklee partners.

The internship site must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor. The internship must provide a learning experience that enables the student to meet academic and career goals. Through the internship, students apply theories learned in their graduate studies and explore aspects of the music, entertainment, and/or other industries, as appropriate.

Note that students are responsible for securing their own internships and for securing all appropriate and required visa statuses. The internship must be secured prior to the beginning of the internship program. Students must complete approximately 100–300 hours of work during the internship. More hours are also allowed.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants must have completed all the course work and their culminating experience project prior to enrolling. Applicants must have secured a viable internship site and received approval from their faculty advisor and program director. Additionally, applicants, as well as the internship site (the organization/employer), must have completed all appropriate and required internship forms with the International Career Center (Valencia, Spain) or the Berklee Career Center (Boston, Massachusetts), as appropriate. Applicants should be comfortable working in an international community of artists, musicians, and scholars.

What the Program Gives You

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • evaluate the industry they have chosen to enter;
  • integrate professional and academic experience;
  • synthesize theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • apply theoretical skills to a real-life work setting;
  • verify their own career goals; and
  • comprehend the professional opportunities available in their field of study.
Required Courses
  • Students are required to complete an on-campus internship orientation seminar in advance of beginning the internship. This seminar will review policies and procedures regarding internships as well as emphasize career and employment skills.
  • GS-595: Graduate Internship (1 credit)

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