Graduate Student Request for Apostille

An Apostille is a special certification that guarantees the authenticity of a US document i.e. a diploma, a transcript etc. when they are used outside of the US. Some countries require that a Berklee diploma has this authentication; see a list of countries that may require this

Please note: United States-based students who are planning on staying in the United States do not need an apostille. 

You can find more information on the Massachusetts Government website.

By providing the following information, you formally request an Apostille to be issued. In addition to filling out the webform, you must send a copy of any documents for which you would like to receive an Apostille to the Registrar's Office (see details below). Once copies of the documents are received, the processing time will be approximately 6-8 weeks.

Fee Information: The $25 covers all processing fees for the Apostilles, plus expedited courier service to your mailing address.

Fax:    +1 617 747 8520
Mail:  Berklee College of Music

           Office of the Registrar
           Attn: Apostille
           1140 Boylston Street
           Boston, MA 02215, USA

Required Field

Please note that United States-based students or students who are working in the United States do not need an apostille. Please do not fill out this form if you are staying in the United States.
Please provide a valid postal mailing address that will not change for at least six months
Note: If you are a 2018 Graduate and it is before July 20, 2018, we will ship your Apostille with your diploma. After this date, send a copy of your diploma to Acceptable formats: JPEG, TIFF, and PDF
I understand that the electronic signature I have provided by typing my full name is true and correct and carries the same legal effect as my handwritten signature.