Parents Fund

The Parents Fund harnesses the power of our parent and family community to help Berklee respond to the greatest needs of our students each academic year.

Tuition lays the foundation for a Berklee education, but does not cover the full cost. The generosity of our parent donors helps bridge that gap, and allows us to push the boundaries of contemporary music education.

We encourage parents to make a gift to the area of Berklee that matters most to their student and family. Every gift helps make our students' dreams a reality. 

Make your gift to the Parents Fund today.

President's Parent Circle

The President's Parent Circle (PPC) consists of parents of current and former students who are leaders in our donor community. When you join the PPC, you advance Berklee's mission by providing crucial annual philanthropic support of $1,000 or more to the Parents Fund. You also may be called upon to serve as:

  • ambassadors, by strengthening Berklee's reputation, and;
  • informal advisors, by offering feedback on Berklee community activities and communications to parents.

To learn more about the President's Parent Circle, please contact Marissa Finer at 617-747-2450 or