Giving Matters: Thank You, Berklee Fund Donors

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the donors who made gifts to the Berklee Fund, the college’s annual fund, during fiscal year 2018 (June 1, 2017–May 31, 2018).

Contributions to the Berklee Fund provide much-needed operational support for the college and support everything from student scholarships to performance opportunities to career preparation for our students. If you would like to join our community of supporters, make a gift online or call the Office of Annual Giving at 617-747-2236. Thank you! 

President’s Circle


Amy and David Abrams
Mary Anne Nyburg Baker and G. Leonard Baker
Ralph Earle and Jane Mendillo
Philip and Deborah Edmundson
Michael and Barbara Eisenson
Emerald Gate Charitable Trust
Michael Faucher and Elizabeth Boland
Russell and Elizabeth Frees
Stefan and Sonchu Gavell
Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis
David R. and Elsa D. Hornfischer
Steven and Priscilla Kersten
Paul and Julie Leff
Megan O'Block
Elizabeth R. Patterson
Jason and Erinn Rhodes
Paul and Allison Russo
Square One Foundation Inc
Syzygy Foundation, Inc
Susan Whitehead
Andrew and Mariann Youniss



Anonymous (four)
Vivian Beard
Kevin and Kathleen Beatty
James and Lois Champy
James and Audrey Foster
Lisa Kristine Hilton
Steven and Janet Kouroubacalis
John Lewis and Carrie Towbes
Martin and Mary Puris
Charles and Patricia Ribakoff
Lawrence and Ann Simpson
John Stern and Susan Anderes
Linda Wisnewski
Tania Zouikin
Carl and Margaret Zwisler



Barnes & Noble College Booksellers Inc.
Deborah Cavalier ’87
Jeanine Cowen ’96
Lawrence D'Addario
Jeffrey and Dana Davis
John ’79 and Susan Doelp
The Ellis Foundation Inc.
Mark Furst ’85 and Jane Purtill
Bernardo and Catalina Garza
GE Foundation
Patricia Gorman
David Gregory
Rob Hayes and Gretchen Adams
Florida Huff
Jun ’97 and Masami Inoue
Jay Kennedy
James and Cindy Kuster
Jonathan and Marjorie Levin
James and Jane Levitt
Michael and Elizabeth Lyons
Sirabhorn (Ti) Muntarbhorn
Indra Nooyi
David ’79 and Sally Patrick
Stephen and Beverly Pazuk
Steven Riggs ’03
Thomas ’78 and Kathleen Riley
Steven Schleider ’76
Anthony ’78 and Christine Veltri
William and Jean Whitney



Anonymous (four)
Americana Arts Foundation
Joe and Leslie Anderson
Orman and Phyllis Anderson
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
John Barnes
Martin and Beata Beck
Kevin and Deborah Block-Schwenk
Damien and Pamela Bracken
Thomas and Suzanne Bremer
Michael Bresnahan and Maria Lopez-Bresnahan
Roger H. Brown and Linda Mason
Jeremy and Ruth Burton
C.R. Bard Foundation
Florence V. Burden Foundation
Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation
Michael ’72 and Debra Caffi
Jason Camelio ’98
Paul Carlson ’84
Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP
Jim and Kim Christianson
John and Rosemary Cochran
Ronald and Betty Crutcher
Bob and Katherine Cunha
Hubert and Frances de Lacvivier
Ronald Druker
Gerald Entine
Matthew Epstein and Deborah Hiatt
James Farrell and Emma Rawlings
Daniel and Ashley Formento
Frontier Capital Management
Joseph & Rae Gann Charitable Foundation
Rita and Herbert Gann
Antonio Garcia and Maria Olvera
John Godfrey and Ellen Hill-Godfrey
Erez and Alicia Goren
John Gottsch and Julia Haller Gottsch
Sarah Grimes
Paul and Anne Harder
Stefanie Henning
Peggy Henry
Bernado Hernandez ’84
Bob and Kristine Higgins
Charles and Victoria Hodges
Steven Holtzman
Alan Lam and Wendy Yeung
Elsa and Kurt Leswing
Lawrence and Cynthia Albert Link
Dagmar Lottermann
Michael Lui and Michelle Pau
Jean Lynch Burden ’85 and Ordway Burden
Jan Machnik and Susan Greco
Michael and Kerry Magee
Jeff and Susan Meland
Jesus Moreno Arias and Irasema Corona
William and Margaret Morton
Louis and Carmen Nanni
Denis and Britta Nayden
Kyril and Rosario Saxe-Coburg
Gregory Segall
Rene Sideleau
Alan D. & Susan Lewis Solomont Family Foundation
Alan and Susan Solomont
Janice Spampinato
Vanessa Stathis
Mark Stich
Daniel Sugarman and Dorothy Wetzel
Ben and Kate Taylor
Dan ’94 and Elizabeth Thompson
Bob Trach
Mirek Vana ’01 and Hedvika Vanova
Kristina Watts
Kristen Williams-Haseotes
Mindy Zeigerman



David and Nancy Arntzen
Carl Beatty and Jacqueline Reid Beatty
Boeckman Foundation
Edward and Aletta Bond
Edward A. Bond Foundation
Stephen and Adele Boras
Bryan and Marianne Borders
Lance ’83 and Brigette Bryant ’84
Michael Burton
Allen Bush '89
Caroline Clark
Gary and Kathy Cohen
Steven and Donna Cohen
Lynda Comer
Alan and Maryann Copenhaver
Joseph Corkery and Margaret Lukens
John ’67 and Linda Curzio
The Dammann Fund Inc.
Tim and Lori Davern
Timothy and Lisa Davis
Maria De Valera
John Dehoff ’76
Raymond Dillulio and Lisa Interdonato
Cecily Dumas
Samuel and Robin Edelston
William and Nina Falconer
Alexandre and Zelia Frangioni
Bryant Fuhrmann ’10 and Christen Keogh ’13
John Given ’90 and Nancy Cotton
Matthias Gohl ’81
Steven ’74 and Carole Goodale
Rob and Amy Grady
Elizabeth Green
Kurt Guske
Oystein and Tracy Harsvik
Brad Hatfield ’75 and Gaye Tolan Hatfield ’82
Eric Hayashi and Sharon Fees
Kenneth and Marcy Heim
Melissa Howe
Just for Us All Foundation
Kari Juusela ’77
Sam and Carmen Kabbani
Masaru and Evelyn Kamei
Vincent and Karen Kerr
Daniel Kramer ’87
Mei Yee Lee and Michael Cheung
Geoffrey Lewis and Amy Caplan
Song Liu and Wei Cao
Jim and Adele Lynagh
Albert Lyons and Margaret Brandt
Robert Maloney ’10 and Joyce Chestnut-Maloney
John Marasco ’84
Steven and Renee Margossian
John and Catherine Milos
Dennis Montgomery ’88
John and Joy Nash
Steve and Theresa Owens
James and Jeanne Pankow
Ted '66 and Lucy Pease
William ’73 and Joyce Perrone
Gerald Pier and Susan Bennett
Tommy and Heather Pierce
Nina Piken-Yarus ’75
Simone Pilon
Mark Raggio
Kevin Roberts ’81
Francis ’79 and Kathleen Rogers
John and Kathryn Rohlf
James Ryder and Joanne Jung
Joe Santerre ’82
Stuart Scantlebury and Lecia Turcotte
Laney Schorno
Brian Sciera
Gary Scott
Lee Shavel and Kelly Deere
Michael Shinn and Ellen Lairson
Steve and Pam Shore
Keith Short
Katherine and David Scott Sloan
William and Blakeley Smith
State Street Matching Gift Program
Keith and Dawn Sykes
Alfred and Dawn Tinger
Beverly Tryon '82
Scott and Christy Wallace
Ningjian Wang
Dave ’76 and Carol Weigert
Tracy and Eugenia White
Robert Works



Anonymous (four)
Joy Allen
Kevin Anderson
Patrick Andersen and Maria Cannarella
Theodore Armstrong ’89
Sam and Lynne Auringer
Ernesto Balarezo and Maria Vidal
Reyes and Betty Barraza
Kevin Baxley
James ’89 and Carol Beers
Andrew ’77 and Margaret Bergsten
Antony ’88 and Katherine Berkeley
David ’80 and Ruth Berliner
Nicole Blowe
James ’94 and Elizabeth Bray
H. Brereton
Kenneth and Karen Busse
Joseph ’83 and Sharon Carrier
Ken Cervenka ’86 and Rhonda Postrel
Miceal and Nancie Chamberlain
Ashley Chang
Wei Chen and Haiyan Zhang
Shawn and Meridith Coady
Arlene and Steven Cohen
Camille Colatosti
Damian and Pamela Conrad
St. John Courtenay ’77
William D'Agostino ’89
Charles ’82 and Angela Denton
Eleanora and Robert Devenish
Daniel Diamond ’82
Camilo Dornier '81
Joseph Durante
David and Patricia Elder
Thomas and Ellen Ennis
Ronald Falcon ’05
Jonathan Feist and Flock
The Finer Family
Olivia and Christopher Fox
Michael and Tami Gaumer
Timothy H. Gillis
John Glancy
Don Gorder
Kenneth Gottschlich ’81 and Martha Pollack
William and Grace Gregor
Michael Grossman and Abigail Fierman
Christopher and Stephanie Hall
Jessica Halton
Steven and Linda Harelick
Erin Hawk
Rob Hochschild
Hope Foundation
Eric Hurtig ’84
Gregory ’98 and Bronwyn Jamrok
Chan ’91 and Veronica Johnson
Jeffrey Jones ’80
Bill Jordan and Denise Walter
Maria Judge
Jennifer Justman
Michael ’75 and Karen Kallet
Gregg Kasting
Kurt Keown ’74
Pilar Keyes
Mark and Nancy Kinzer
Steven Kirby ’84
Adam Kummins ’94
Giancarlo La Villa
Deborah ’90 and Derek Lauer ’89
Carlos and Julie Leon
Burton Lerner
Edward Liberatore ’98
Philip Lima
Linda and Thomas Lincoln
Daniel ’14 and Lynette Luevano
Matthias Lupri ’94 and Catharine Horn
Frederick Malouf ’79 and Charlotte Villemoes
Michael and Pamela Marcovitz
Joe Mardin ’85
Michael Mason
Andrew and Jana Massey
Ronald and Starr Maxwell
Robert and Tamilyn Munson
Steven and Marie Nakata
Zak and Christina Nakhoda
Peter ’80 and Nuria Navarro
Carole Nichols
Robert and Sally Nicholson
Jim Odgren ’75
Tiger ’75 and Akemi Okoshi
Cedric and Lisa Overton
Panos Panay ’94 and Kimberly Thompson Panay
Randolph and Teresa Pelt
Allan Planchard ’86
David Purcell ’91
Mark Rabenold ’77
Ron Reid ’89
John Rich ’79 and Kathleen Schnaidt
Robert ’73 and Kathleen Robison
Rob ’72 and Jodie Rose
Steven Saltzman ’77 and Katherine Brown Saltzman
Christine Schoenfeld
David Schonberger
Matthew Schreibman and Susan Rodak
Thomas Schunn ’85
Frank and Shelley Scifres
Curt Shumate ’83 and Gail Buki
John Sousa ’81
David and Lisa Spaulding
Gary Sproul ’85 and Mary Parnow
Roger Stegmaier
Rebecca Stimson
Carrie Sweet
Bernard Toale and Joseph Zina
Scott Trach ’90
Charles Vassallo ’86 and Gifford Booth
James Walker
Jon West ’74
Leonardo Wilborn ’83
Bob Winter '52
Thomas Young ’91 and Yumiko Matsuoka ’89
Hyun Ju Yun ’16
Ralph Zazula
Lydia Zhang



Anonymous (12)
Maria Piedad Acosta Aragon
Kris Adams ’82
Scott and Karen Adelman
John Albright ’95
Jordan and Boriana Alexiev
Richard Allen '74
Jonathan Altman ’05 and Rachel Ellenport
Eileen Anastasio
John ’82 and Laura Anderson
Audrey Andrist and James Stern
Kadiresan Annamalai
Yaclue and Lyrvole Antoine
Michael Appel
Rich ’72 and Jane Appleman
Javier Arizmendi and Odile Leland-Arizmendi
Alexander Arntzen ’13
Jeff and Cynthia Azari
John ’77 and Lisa Baboian
Chul and Sun Bae
George Bakeman ’77
Joseph and Renae Baker
Brent ’70 and Carolyn Banulis
Carlos and Ana Barboza
Aileen Barkon
Bruce Bartter
Shahzad Bashir
Ursula Bateman
Lisa and Tyler Bates
Paul and Vivian Batterson
Viren and Maria Bavishi
Frank and Joyce Bean
Robert Bean ’86
Cameron Beck
Lynn Behrendt
Michael Bell
Randy Bell ’76
Wilson Bent ’80 and Susan Richter
Lee ’70 and Helen Bernardo
Mark and Linda Bernfeld
Lawrence ’71 and Cynthia Bethune
Mary Kay Black
Bessie and Kevin Bone
Channing Booth ’97
Jan Bordeleau ’77
Bernard and Kathy Borgida
Daniel Bosshardt ’93 and Kelsey Cleveland
Boston Higashi School
James Boyer ’88
Stephen ’72 and Antoinetta Branca
Anissa and Harrison Branch
Larnie and Stephanie Bray
Patricia Bresky
Steven Brock and Leah Sirkin
Robert and Susan Bronico
Russell Brough ’78
Allen ’79 and Lizabeth Brown
Steven Brown and Junghi Lee
Jeffrey ’78 and Teresa Bryant
Scott Bryant
David and Rina Burns
Deanne Burns ’81
James Burt ’74
Stephen Buttenwieser
Robert ’07 and Leah Byrnes
Eric Camp ’80
John ’00 and Violeta Campbell
Vincent Carey ’77
Denita Carter
Anthony Caruso ’02
Brian Casper ’96
Jose Castano Navarro ’05
Cesar and Elis Castillo
James Cheatle and Lori O'Callaghan
Stephanie and Enhua Chen
Remy and Beatrice Chevrin
Joe ’02 and Lindsey Chinni
Brian Choi
Jason and Aimee Chris
Mary Christopher
Kathryn Cima
Stephen and Tara Claeys
John Luther '00 and Dr. Johvonne Claybourne
Scott and Pam Clayton
Brad Cobb ’80
Charles Cocchiaro ’81
Romy and David Cohen
Jean Connaughton and Dee Kumar ’99
Gregory Conrad ’00
Jay Contrino ’96
Jack and Beth Cook
Jennifer Coon
Joan Coprio
Francesco and Lisa Corrado
Roberto and Marita Cortes
Elizabeth Crabtree ’86
Thomas ’86 and Kim Crapanzano
Anthony and Katharine Cronin
Jonathan Cullen ’89
Angelo Cumella
Patricia Cumella
Robert Daniels ’71
Janine ’03 and Mark De Souza
Charles ’79 and Janet DeClarke
Deanna DeFilipps ’87
David Degrand ’75 and Brenda McHugh
David ’80 and Eve Deitch
Sarah Delaney
Lauren Deluca
Lee Denton-Smith ’06 and Michael Denton
Patricia DeSantis and Dennis Desantis
Matthew and Cara Deshaies
Melvin J. Deveau, Jr.
Bruce and Dianne Difrancisco
Sal ’93 and Jennifer Difusco
Frank ’73 and Kathleen Digesere
Tom Dinwoodie and Diana Meservey
James Dlabal ’95
David Donohue
Russell Drago ’86
Mary Dupont and Robert Decelles
Chinyelu Duxbury
Timothy Egan ’82 and Joan Howell
Robert ’80 and Deborah Ellis
Linda Embardo
Wayne Epp and Lenore Indarsingh
Matt and Greta Estes
John and Elizabeth Faria
Christopher Fassbender ’88
Dante Fazio ’06 and Monica Shannon
Bruce and Diane Fenske
Michael and Dale Fernandes
John and Susan Fiala
Joyce Firestone
Richard and Jane Fischer
George Fisher ’63 and Kari Magill
Jessica Fitzpatrick
Lacretia Flash
James and Robin Fletcher
Maria Florio
Donald Foote ’82 and Elyse Wilson Foote ’82
Lynn Formica ’77
Scott and Edie Fortman
Richard ’90 and Cheryl Forziati
Dennis Fox
Patrick Francabandiero
Lazelle and Danika Free
Scott ’75 and Michelle Free
Arnold Friedman
Scott Frisco and Lisa Coe
Xiang Fu
Ken Galdston and Jan Saglio
Scott Gallagher
Bernard Gallone ’84
Albhy ’68 and Melanie Galuten
Laszlo Gardony ’87 and Edith Toth
Erin Gershik ’06
Bruce Gertz ’76
Sander and Marina Gilman
Tony Godfrey and Virginia Little
Andrew and Judith Goldschmidt
Kamran Golestaneh ’11
Nelson ’77 and Kris Gonzalez
Kara Goodrich and Karl Schmith
G. Graham
Jean Green ’79
Dana and Blake Grider
Susan Hagen
Mark Hall ’79
Steven ’70 and Kathleen Hall
James and Julie Hallowell
Julie and Steve Halvorson
Ralph ’70 and Linda Hammer
Mark ’85 and Jill Hansen
Martha Harding
Thomas Hardisty ’88
Dan Harp and Melissa Whittock
Lisa Harrison
Michael ’73 and Mary Ellen Hassell
Wendy Hawkinson ’79
Steve Heck '78
K. Heiser ’71
Kathy Henry
John and Eileen Herring
Diane Dogan Hilliard
Marjorie Hilton
John ’80 and Sharon Hines
Charles and Cynthia Hirschhorn
Tamara Hoffman
Eric and Katie Hogue
David and Loretta Holmes
Claudia and Ron Howe
Patrick Hoye ’77
Sheng-Fang Huang ’99
Timothy Huling ’98
Julie Iaria ’83
Jaime and John Inguagiato
Vasily Izumchensky ’07
Helen Jackson
Howell Jackson and Elizabeth Foote
Richard Jackson
Rita ’78 and Gerard Jellison
Jeffery ’88 and Anne Jetton
Dean Johnson ’76
Lori Johnson
Kevin and Suzanne Jones
Ryan Jones ’05
Andrew and Sylvie Jordan
Gerald and Bonnie Kalaf
Steven Kalniz ’91 and Victoria Dagostino-Kalniz
Paul and Sandy Kamins
Zachary Kamins ’12
Allison Kane ’04
Jack and Lynn Katilius
Jeffrey and Jeanne Katz
John Kearns ’77
Vladimir and Maya Kefalov
Sean Kelly
Stephen and Suzanne Kile
Lorraine Kilmartin
Seamus Kilmartin ’11
Ho and Boonsri Kim
Jeffrey King ’79
Renese King ’90
Howard ’84 and Gail Klein
Harry Klein ’78 and Lois Litwack Klein
Karl and Maria Knecht
Frederick Koch and Anne Salzberg
Howard and Carol Kolins
Matthew and Beth Koomey
Michael Korch ’10
Robert and Suzanne Koscso
Andro Kotula ’84
Steven Kramer ’78 and Ellen Lovejoy
Charlene Krejci
Gary Kret and Elizabeth Steuart-Kret
Robert ’80 and Cheryl Krilovich
Todd ’96 and Zoe Krohne
Daniel Krulewitch and Carol Carlson
Fritz Kuhnlenz
Gerald ’75 and Casey LaRosa
Adam Lacasse ’98
Craig Lagerman ’76
Russell and Mary Landi
Sean Landis and Marci Morse
Sonya Lanier ’93
Ran LaPolla
Hermann Lara ’96 and Jane Ng-Lara
Victoria Large
David and Lisa Lazan
Larry ’78 and Kathie Lee
Thomas Lee ’62
Gary Lefkowith
Richard ’78 and Janet Lempicki
Frances Levas
Arthur Levine ’78 and Rosalind Sloan
Ronald Lieberman ’91
Jacques Lilly
BoonChoon Lim and PuayKheng Tang
Ryan Linehan ’00
Alizon Lissance ’79
Kathleen Livingston
Adam Lobel ’83 and Leslie Cohen Lobel
Jordan Lockaby
Gary Lockheimer ’68 and Juanita Boutin
Susan Lockwood
Lawrence and Michelle LoMagno
Marc Lorah ’81
Sandra Lozano
Yingwu Lu and Li Wang
Yuefeng Lu and Xiaohong Cai
Zachary Lucia ’14
Timothy Luckow ’10
Horatio Lynn
Gary and Terry MacDonald
Erik and Rebecca Mace
Timothy and Nancy MacFall
William Main
Brian and Tonya Malloy
James Mangan
Andrew and Elizabeth Mantis
Carol Marburger
Stacey and David Marchuk
Robert Marks and Melinda Clarke
Andrew and Jeanne Marlowe
David and Andrea Marshall
Duncan Martin ’69
Nancy and Paul Martini
William ’80 and Pamela Marty
Anthony Marvuglio ’85
David ’76 and Erica Mash
Peter and Kathi Mastroianni
Gary ’67 and Nancy Maynard
Steven Mazur ’00
Oisin McAuley
John ’78 and Jane McCall
Travis McCally ’93
Erin McClelland ’02
Mary McClory
Christine McDonald
William and Diane McGinnis
William McGoldrick ’78 and Susan Hehir
Emily McInerney
Kevin and Heidi McKenna
Alexander McLane ’78
Clare McLeod ’04
Ali ’06 and Heather Memarian
Carl Michel ’79 and Jackie Byars
Christine Miller
Jennifer Molina
Hunter ’77 and Bonnie Moore
Thomas and Kathleen Morrison
Mark ’81 and Rosemarie Murdocca
Yoshizumi Nagamachi ’91
Richard Nash ’48
Derek ’94 and Lisa Navracruz
Frank and Judy Neer
Teresa Neudecker
Matthew Nienhaus
Craig and Debra Norsten
Benjamin Novak ’01
Robert O'Block ’12
Lesley O'Connell
Susan O'Donnell
Paul Obst ’81
Gregory ’86 and Marylu Olsen
Hana Oshima
L. Ostwick
Seema Padalkar
David Painchaud ’88 and Randi Adelstein
Michael Paisner ’80
Michael and Sandra Palmieri
Philip Palombo ’70
Peter and Mary Paravalos
Danielle Parillo ’97
Michael Park ’75
Roy Pearson
Kevin and Janet Perlowski
William and Anita Perry
Ronald Barnes Pesenko '88
Eileen and Steven Philippone
Stuart and Lynda Phillips
Eddie Phoon ’94
Frank ’82 and Wendy Piazza
Steven ’82 and Judith Piermarini
James Pistorio ’87
Larry and Phyllis Polevoy
Rocco Policarpo
Vince and Michelle Poscente
Elaina Prevett ’90
Kevin Pumiglia and Kathryn Leopold
Joseph ’69 and Micki Puopolo
Bonnie Raitt
Jean Ramey
Raul Ramirez ’96
Ljerka Rasmussen
Jerome Raymond ’10
Dana Reed ’77 and Katherine Stetson-Reed
Douglas Reicher and Camille Tisdel
Heather Reid
Alan Reinstein and Cheryl Sherwin
Veit Renn ’93
Denise Rich
Av and Lisa Riggs
Mike Ringquist ’87
Dale and Rita Ritter
Michael ’87 and Nancy Rivers
Dale Roadcap ’81
Mark and Christine Robbins
Brandon Roberts ’91
Sean Rogan ’99
Samuel and Morgen Rose
Scott ’84 and Patricia Rose
Benjamin Rosenthal and Nancy Martin
Cecilia Rosler
Adrian ’96 and Laurenda Ross
Neara Russell ’10
Jeffrey and Suzanne Ryan
Jennifer Rysanek
Dahlia Samms
Ann Sanford
Steve and Anne Schafer
David Scheffler ’83 and Sant Kahlsa
Casey ’74 and Laura Scheuerell
Lynda Schiff ’77
Andrew Schlocker
Nancy and William Seelbach
Stefan Serkin ’12
Dave and Cory Serrano
Jim Sersich
Christopher Sharkey ’90
David ’67 and Lisa Sherr
Lawrence Shragge ’77
Brett ’89 and Francie Siegfried
Elizabeth Slate
Mark Small ’73
Peter Smith ’02
Andrew and Stephanie Smith
Steven Smith ’76
Andrew and Cecylia Soborski
Simon and Charlotte Solano
Andrea Solero
Jens and Patricia Sorensen
Courtnay Sotelo
Russell and Valda Southall
Douglas Spalding ’83
Lauren Spooner ’99
George Stearns ’11
Kenneth ’74 and Beth Stern
Will Stettler ’10
Carl and Elizabeth Stevens
James ’81 and Mary Stewart
Kristine Stewart
Howard ’84 and Donna Stolzer
Mark Streifer
Scott Streuli
David and Kristi Stubbs
Leanne Summers ’88 and Don Bogle
Michael ’90 and Robin Sweet
Athena Taylor
Megan Taylor ’06
Bruce Tellier ’76
Michael Theochares ’83
Barbara Thomas
Evelyn Thomchick
Jane and John Thompson
Terrance Thompson ’78
Lisa Thorson
Jerry Tibbetts
David Tobin ’75
Minh Tran and Chau Huynh
Susan ’91 and Derek Trucks
James Udelson and Martha Bassett
USA Songwriting Competition
Thompson Usiyan ’12
Tara Van Emmerik and Thomas Carcaterra
John ’73 and Karla Van Nest
Larry Verity
Stephen Vermillion and Melisa Holmes
Richard Vigdor
Lydia Villa Komaroff and Tony Komaroff
George ’72 and Anne Vivino-Hintze
David ’73 and Donna Vose
Henry Wadsworth ’04 and Justine Taormino ’06
Liz and Robert Wagner
Adam Wake ’92
Carl ’92 and Jennifer Wallace
Joseph and Evelyn Wan
Bruce Ward and Sarah Wider
Mark and Nancy Wasserman
Garrett and Kathrine Waters
Caren Weakley
David and Bonnie Webster
Amy and Irwin Weiss
William and Pamela Weiss
Rudolph ’84 and Lynnette Wells
Scott ’93 and Kelly Welton
Paul and Joanne Wennik
Victoria and Todd Wermers
Wade and Lisa West
Naomi Whiting
Laura Whitmore
Lee Whitmore
Richard and Priscilla Wilcox
Vaughn and Debra Willett
Barbara Williams
Darcy Winer ’00 and Car Galhouse
Jim and Janice Wirth
Stephen and Bonnie Wise
Barry and Esther Witler
Gernot Wolfgang ’89 and Judith Farmer
Antonio M. Womack ’76
Foo Jeng Wong
Herbert ’57 and Audrey Wyman
Charles and Theresa Yeo
Bonifacio and Maria Julieta Yuhico
Gina Zdanowicz ’94
Michael and Stacy Zercher
Junling Zhang
Mark and Beth Zobel


We make every effort to recognize our donors fully and correctly. If you notice an error or omission, please accept our apologies and let us know by emailing