Giving to Berklee

The Berklee Fund

Phonathon callers with President Roger Brown (left) and Ernie Boch, Jr. (right)

What is the Berklee Fund?

The Berklee Fund supports everything Berklee is and does. It is a statement of your belief in the college, our mission, and the importance of music education.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of running a premier contemporary music college. To maintain Berklee's level of excellence, the college relies on outside support from alumni, parents and friends. Gifts to the Berklee fund provide scholarship and financial support for approximately 65% of the student body, purchases equipment, updates technology, underwrites performances and clinics, and retains the world's leading faculty. Berklee puts these gifts to immediate use in the current fiscal year.

Berklee Fund gifts come in all sizes, from a few dollars up to $100,000 or more. Every gift makes a significant impact on a Berklee student, and inspires others to do the same. Your generosity is an investment in today's students who will become tomorrow's music industry leaders, and provides advantages that will last them a lifetime. To see how your gift helps, click here.

Participation is Key
You don't need to be wealthy to make a gift that has a big impact. Small gifts add up to make a big difference. And each gift, regardless of size says you care about Berklee and its students. Your "participation" tells the world that you endorse what the college is doing.

Foundations, corporations and other organizations that make grants or gifts to the college closely monitor alumni participation rates. The more alumni that show they believe in our cause, the more likely foundations and corporations are to support Berklee.

A gift of any size increases Berklee's participation rate, increasing the value of a Berklee education - YOUR education.

For additional information about the Berklee Fund contact Stephen Rodriguez or call 617-747-2439 or email

Matching Gifts: Free Money From Your Employer
Some companies will match their employee's contribution to a non-profit organization. If you or your spouse works for a matching gift company, your gift to Berklee can be doubled or in some cases tripled by your employer. We encourage all donors who work for a matching gift company to submit a matching gift form with their gift. Your personnel or human resources office can provide information about your company's matching gift policy.

To see if your company will match, click here.

Berklee faculty and staff can contribute out of pre-tax income by making a payroll deduction.

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