Leadership Donor Profile: Gavin Lurssen

Four-time Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen ’91 is the owner and principal engineer of Lurssen Mastering, one of the top mastering studios in Los Angeles. 
Lurssen has mastered albums for Alison Krauss/Robert Plant, Ben Harper, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Queens of the Stone Age, and Elvis Costello. He has also worked on the soundtracks of films such as Cars, Cars 2, Tangled, The Hunger Games, Crazy Heart, Ratatouille, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, among many others.
Lurssen is one of the governors on the board of the Los Angeles chapter of The Recording Academy, where he chairs the education committee. He frequently volunteers his time and gives advice to young people entering the field of music. Lurssen also supports organizations like Sound Art and A Place Called Home, Los Angeles-based programs involved in music education for at-risk and inner-city youth, and, of course, Berklee's annual fund.
Lurssen chose to support Playing It Forward for a number of reasons, saying, “My equity in the industry is in some part judged by my association with Berklee but it is also bigger than that. Berklee is making a path in music more accessible to a lot of students, so it is important to support this effort and the college in order to essentially build a better community for us all."