Berklee City Music

Berklee City Music® is a nonprofit education outreach organization that leverages the power of contemporary music to empower youth from underserved communities to develop musically, academically, socially, and emotionally. Founded over 20 years ago by Berklee College of Music, the organization reaches over 58,000 students annually through a variety of programs and initiatives including City Music Network, City Music Boston, Amp Up NYC®, and the innovative PULSE® online music method.

Berklee City Music programs are based around Berklee College of Music curricula and teaching methods, and use popular music as a vehicle for holistic child development. By using culturally relevant music, the programs encourage a greater level of interest and commitment from students, and help them to develop discipline, communication, teamwork, leadership skills, and a broader perspective of the world we live in. Participating students receive valuable guidance and support from positive mentors, including dedicated instructors, and are exposed to unique experiences that can make an impact on their lives—all at little cost to their families.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to obtain full scholarships to Berklee College of Music, with dozens of full-tuition City Music College Scholars attending the school every year.

Berklee City Music helps young people flourish as students, musicians, and—perhaps most importantly—confident and well-rounded individuals ready to shape the world. Whether students decide to pursue a career in music or another field, they receive benefits that last a lifetime.

I can’t thank this program enough for allowing students like myself to pursue their dreams in music and make them a reality.”
— Samuel Joseph, City Music College scholar