Suhail Yusuf Khan

Visiting artist

Suhail Yusuf Khan is an Indian sarangi player who joins the Berklee Indian Ensemble in concert on May 9, 2017. Known for his fusion of rock and Indian classical music, Khan sat down with Berklee Indian Ensemble member and student Amira Gill for an interview.

Vasuda Sharma

Class of 

Vasuda Sharma was a pop star in India when she decided to come to Berklee and learn how to forge a new path.

Satya Hinduja

Class of 
Independent electronica artist

Satya Hinduja ‘04, who was a film scoring major at Berklee, has studied at Berklee and Dubspot, scored films in Bollywood, DJed throughout the world, and examined neurolinguistic programming and kinesiology. Her latest project is called Alchemic Sonic Environment.


Class of 

A member of the class of 1999 and an entrepreneurial visionary in the business of creative music and education, Prasanna was voted among the top 50 creative Indians by Open Magazine.