BerkleeICE Fellowships

Wondering if you can afford to do an internship? Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE) funded fellowships are sponsored internships that pair highly gifted Berklee undergraduate and graduate students with employers in the new media, creative, and technology industries.

Think Outside the Stage

Many recognize Berklee as a world leader in producing successful performers, producers, film scorers, and music industry professionals, but Berklee graduates also hold key leadership positions in companies like Apple, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and Google X. Why? Thinking like a musician makes you much more likely to be a creative problem solver and a great collaborator with excellent empathy skills.

"Musicians naturally think and behave in a way that encourages creativity and innovation." —Alex Olsen, music business/management major

If selected, you will be offered an internship grant by BerkleeICE to intern full-time for eight to twelve weeks, either at a employer matched by BerkleeICE or at an internship you secure yourself. Internship grant amounts support living expenses—and will vary depending on whether or not the internship is paid—not to exceed $1500 per month and/or $5000 total.

Note: You are encouraged to search and apply for your own internship placements on the Berklee Career Manager.

BerkleeICE will also facilitate internship placements with a small cohort of select employers, where you will work directly with senior-level staff within a company, contributing to impactful projects.

Entrance Requirements

Berklee undergraduate and graduate students from all majors may apply.

Internships can run any semester. You may still apply if you have already secured an internship as long as it meets the following program criteria:

  • The employer is a nontraditional music industry company;
  • The position is full-time (35–40 hours per week); and
  • The position runs eight to twelve weeks.

Note: The program is offered on both a for-credit and not-for-credit basis.

How to Apply

  1. The application form asks you to submit a two-minute pitch video, name two references (faculty, chair, or dean), and highlight your relevant experience, skills, and strengths. Your pitch video should reflect who you are while answering the following prompts:

    • How might you share this experience with others in the Berklee community?
    • What skills are you looking to build, and what do you most hope to gain from this internship?
    • What are your greatest strengths, and how might these contribute to a team?
    • How does your past professional and academic experience set you apart from others?
    • Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  2. If selected, BerkleeICE will provide a stipend to you during your internship.
  3. While BerkleeICE recruits a limited number of internship slots at partner employers, you are strongly recommended to research, apply for and secure their own internship placements. 
  4. If internship slots are available with BerkleeICE partner employers, BerkleeICE will match you and other candidates with an employer. The employer will review your materials and rèsumé and conduct a round of interviews before making a final decision.

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