Musical Preparation and Placement

Each student attending the Aspire Five-Week Music Performance Intensive program is required to audition and take theory and musicianship assessments. The assessments should be taken online prior to Saturday, July 6. Auditions take place on Sunday, July 7. Your audition time and location will be communicated to you before the program starts.

How should I prepare for the placement audition?

The placement audition determines the style and level of ensemble and instrumental/vocal labs. It typically lasts five–10 minutes. During the audition, you are asked to 1) perform a prepared song or piece in a style you want to study (please bring a backing track and/or lead sheets), 2) demonstrate your ability to improvise (not required), and 3) demonstrate your level of music reading (not required).

How should I prepare for the theory and musicianship assessment?

The theory assessment determines your placement in a theory and performance class. The assessment covers topics including clefs, intervals, scales, modes, chord spelling, tensions, and rhythm. The musicianship assessment determines your placement in a musicianship class. It tests your ability to identify intervals, chord types, and melodic and rhythmic phrases.